2014 Angels Season Eerily Similar to 2013 Red Sox

2014 AngelsThe Boston Red Sox suffered yet another defeat at the hands of the first-place Los Angeles Angels Tuesday night by crushing fashion. Koji Uehara, arguably the game’s best reliever over the past two seasons, endured the loss after surrendering a go-ahead, game-winning Chris Iannetta double to left field.

With the loss, Boston fell thirteen games under .500 and if it wasn’t out of the question already, their postseason aspirations dwindled even more.

I mean, wow, what a difference just one year can make. This time last year (August 20th) the Red Sox, at 74-54, were twenty games above the .500 threshold.

Meanwhile, the Angels, with the victory Tuesday, advanced to 74-50 on the season, twenty-four games over .500. Oddly enough, the Angels at this point in time last season were 55-70, fifteen games under .500.

The Red Sox and Angels essentially switched places from ’13 to ’14. Boston was coming off an abysmal and disappointing year in 2012, but ’13 was a very different story; one which ended with John Farrell and Co. hoisting a World Series Championship Trophy over their shoulders.

The Angels, on the other hand, were horrendous and failed (and that’s understating it) to live up to the expectations set for them at the onset of the beginning of last season. They didn’t make big improvements in the offseason following the disappointing season, and most experts, like they did with the Red Sox pre-2013, predicted the Angels would finish somewhere around the .500 mark.

Oh, how wrong they were in both instances. Boston, as aforementioned, went on to win the World Series, and the Angels this year, though the season is far from over, have the best record in all of baseball.

Their story-lines are eerily similar, but before we can proclaim this “a weird coincidence,” the Angels are tasked with prevailing in the crap shoot known as the Major League Baseball Playoffs. If they somehow manage to win it all this season, then, well, their scripts get borderline identical.

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