365 Days Past the Blockbuster Deal

Josh Beckett Blockbuster Deal

Josh Beckett has the power to block this inclusion in the trade

Finally, the Red Sox versus the Dodgers in a three game series, at Chaves Ravine Stadium in L.A.  The Red Sox took it home, exactly 365 days after the Blockbuster deal between the L.A Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. The result after this Sunday’s match-up?  The Red Sox took it all the way to win two of the three games. Jake Peavy pitched a great game Sunday night at the Dodgers stadium for an 8-1 win.  Jarrod Saltilamacchia, Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli all homered on the 1 year anniversary of the landmark trade.  The Red Sox remain on top of the AL East five games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Xander Boegarts made his 4th major league appearance and, as a result, Boegarts got his first RBI double.

So, the Dodgers lost to the Red Sox. Their first series loss since June 14. However, the Sox remain on top of the AL East while the Dodgers are not far from first in the NL West.

The “Megatrade”, back in the summer of 2012, was known as the ‘most one-sided deal’ in baseball history.  After all, the Red Sox shed 262.5 million dollars in salaries in one afternoon and placed it in the hands of the L.A Dodgers. The Dodgers took on players, Carl Crawford, Adrienne Gonzalez and Josh Beckett.

The question remains, one year later, which team made out?

Sunday marked the 1 year anniversary of the mega trade. One of the biggest accomplishments for the Sox was getting rid of last year’s clubhouse attitude.  The clubhouse went from an enraged team with no camaraderie to a clubhouse of respect and dignified players who work together in unison.

In the beginning, it didn’t look so promising for the Dodgers.  After all, Gonzalez less than performed, Crawford was recovering from tommy john’s surgery back in Houston and Beckett passably performed on the mound. Upon winning his first eight starts, Beckett’s season abruptly came to an end when he was forced to undergo surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. The Dodger’s record was 30-42, last place in the National League West and things just seemed to spiral downward.  Gonzalez admitted to the Los Angeles Times his power hitting in the past was truly a thing of the past.

Although this may be, the season for the Dodgers began to take on a promising future.  Upon the Red Sox’ arrival to the Chavez Ravine stadium in California, the Dodgers had a stellar record; stats improved dramatically since the beginning of the season.  Since June 2013 the Dodgers proved successful with much help from both Gonzalez and Crawford.  At 42-10 their season has made a remarkable turnaround with hopes to make it to the World Series.

Although finances have been shabby in the past with Frank McCourt filing bankruptcy, the attendance this season at the Dodger’s stadium is also proof this Megatrade could be the best thing for the Dodgers.  45,000 people, on average, attend the home games, 22 games of which 55,000 came to watch in anticipation the Dodgers would outperform.

In my opinion, between the Red Sox clearing the negative energy that came from the clubhouse in 2012 and placing in the number one seat in 2013, and the Dodgers making a considerable mark in their debt (despite the 262.5 million dollar deficit) the Dodgers and the Red Sox both came out on top no matter the result by this season’s end.

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