A High Performance At Bat Puts the Red Sox on Top

Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury

Will Middlebrooks’ three-run homer just made this game a ton more interesting and forced Baltimore starter Miguel Gonzalez off the mound.

David Ortiz, Johnny Gomes, Mike Carp and Daniel Nava, Will Middlebrooks, Stephen Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia and Mike Napoli – the starting line-up in no particular order – are the players drawing in the runs as the season progresses and the Red Sox stand in the number one seat in the AL East.  You can’t deny David Ortiz’ (a.k.a “Big Papi”) athleticism and his power behind the plate.  You never could; a definitive team player of the Boston Red Sox who leads by example.  Johnny Gomes has also led the team this season in an impressive at bat and has led the team into victory more than once.  The other night, for example, he led the Red Sox into a 5-4 victory against the Baltimore Orioles with his homer, following Mike Carp’s, in the sixth inning.  Daniel Nava is another one who has followed through in previous games, with his tie breaking single in the fourteenth inning awhile back, while taking it home to beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This came as a surprise, for I remember watching this specific game. It was the top of the first inning, and the team’s bats were aflame as they scored six runs.  I fell asleep in the fourth and awoke just in time to see the single to win the game.  During that game against the Rays Jacoby Ellsbury, I believe, held the record for the longest at-bat, where he took eight pitches, until he finally hit a single to center field. Talk about patience, confidence and focus at the plate! Shane Victorino advanced Ellsbury with his double into right field and Pedroia hit both Victorino and Ellsbury home with his base hit.  Although Ortiz walked, Daniel Nava hit a wall ball to center field which drew Pedroia home and advanced Ortiz to third.

A few examples of how well the Red Sox are doing as they take to the plate. Even on their off days, where pitching or defense might not be so effective, they always seem to be able to swing the bat and excite the fans inning after inning. In other words, inconsistency is not in their nature.  So, there have been a few strike outs here and there (some players more often than others), but that doesn’t deter them from being number one in the AL East.

When facing an offense as prolific and productive as the one the Red Sox possess this season, all an opponent can hope for is that the Red Sox hitters will have an off day or that they will crumble against some elite pitching.

Point taken.

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