A Pitchers’ Duel in New York

pitchers' duel

Jon Lester bummed after his poor start on Friday night. Courtesy of theawesomeboston.com

There is a pitchers’ duel brewing in the Bronx. Over the course of the last two games, pitching proved itself to be most important to wins and losses for the Yankees and the Red Sox. Friday night, C.C. Sabathia was simply untouchable. Lester, on the other hand, threw pitches, just not over the plate. It was like watching Stevie Wonder play darts.

Saturday night the opposite happened; Felix Doubront versus Phil Hughes. The Sox went to work on Hughes early and often setting the tone in the third inning with a grand slam by Mike Napoli. The hits just kept on coming for the Sox all night.

The Yankee bullpen is as shallow as a rich, blonde girl walking down Newbury Street. A shallow blonde girl may be hot, but I am not going to have her put together a business plan for me. In the case of the Yankees, I don’t want Giradi and his management staff to organize my 5-man rotation, nor develop a strategy on how best to leverage my bullpen. Neither will be successful in their endeavors.

The Yankees are inconsistent due to lack of a strong pitching strategy, and a reliance on the idea that big salaries = wins. The Mets swept the Yanks because Mets pitching strategy worked better.  Yeesh! You have to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror if you are losing to the Mets.

One or two pitchers do not a good bullpen make. Admittedly, the Sox’ five-man rotation is a bit shaky right now.  We have a strategy, though. We have depth, grit, a strong farm system waiting in the wings. This is a thinking man’s game, and John Farrell is always thinking of his next move. Is Girardi doing that, because it looks as if he made few decisions in Saturday night’s game because he had nothing upon which to make a decision?  I do not think “should I put the hot dog vendor in or not?” is the type of thinking Yankee fans are looking for.

You cannot throw money at this baseball problem. You also cannot rely solely on the players for wins.

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