With ALCS Game 2 Won, Sox Must Prepare Offense for Game 3

ALCS Game 2

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What just happened? I thought we were cooked for sure during last night’s ALCS Game 2. The comeback kids of Yawkey Way do it again against the Detroit Tigers bullpen. Never, I mean, never, count these guys out! Red Sox Nation is grateful for Detroit’s weak bullpen and Superman, David Ortiz, to save the day with a four run homer. WOW! Rarely am I speechless, but tonight I am at a loss for words.

We squeaked that game out. Where do we go from here, as the series moves to Comerica Park in Detroit?

The Red Sox players must focus on believing in their offensive talent. The hitters already show great plate patience. If a Sox player decides to hit, they must start the swing a bit earlier. Unfortunately, there is little time to work on this with the hitting coach with only one day off for travel. My second suggestion, one a bit more likely to take place, would be watching some game tape of Justin Verlander.  Finally, adding pinch hitters and pinch runners earlier in the game may throw off Detroit’s defense. Inserting players that the Tigers are not expecting may be the key to run production earlier in the game.

On the defensive side, pitchers must keep the pitches low and inside. Big guys like Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder seem to love the high fastballs. For this fan, it looks like Cabrera and Fielder see these pitches as mere lobs over the plate. Pitchers must keep their emotions in check. One cannot be too pumped up like Jake Peavy or too down in the dumps like Clay Buchholz.

I’m not sure if any of these strategies will work. The Sox seem comfortable allowing the game to unfold naturally, relying just as much on skill and experience as they do grit and hope. Red Sox Nation and Sox players must dig deep for the kind of hope that helped us win Sunday night.

What do you believe will happen on Tuesday night?

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