Alex Hassan: Next Red Sox Platoon Player?

alex hassanWhen the Boston Red Sox called up outfielder Alex Hassan from Pawtucket, he was hitting just .217 with a respectable .316 OBP. After recording a hit in two games totaling seven at-bats, Boston sent him back down to Rhode Island. Since getting the boot, Hassan looks hungry for another taste of the show. Raising his average up to .280 and OBP up to an impressive .372, Hassan is a legitimate call-up option for the Red Sox.
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As of late, Hassan is what the Spanish like to call “en fuego” (literally meaning “on fire”). Over his past 29 games, Hassan is hitting .367 and .415 in his last ten. Perhaps the most intriguing part of his game is his splits. Like Johnny Gomes, Alex Hassan is a lefty killer. In 85 at-bats against southpaws, Hassan is hitting .341 with a .418 OBP while clipping a pair of homeruns. Compare this to a .250 average and a ,350 OBP against 75% of pitchers who throw with their right hand.
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Although the .250 average is not great against righties, it is definitely a valuable asset to have someone who can clobber lefties on a big league club. With this being said, perhaps he could make a nice platoon partner for Daniel Nava in 2015 while occasionally playing first base. Of course the Red Sox outfield is already set for the 2015 season, but things could change, potentially giving Hassan a shot next year. Alex Hassan is not the veteran with a well-known beard that Jonny Gomes is, but he is a talented player nonetheless.
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Every good team needs at least one bat off the bench who can tear the cover off the ball when there is a lefty on the mound, and Boston is no exception. Assuming Jonny Gomes is either dealt this month or not re-signed, Boston will need another one. Alex Hassan,  who is already on the 40-man roster, is the perfect man for the job and would earn the league minimum, giving Boston more money to work with. Instead of paying an established veteran $5 million a year, why not pay Hassan $0.5 million to do the same thing?

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