An Open Letter to Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz

Dearest Clay Buchholz;

Please get it together. We all love you and what you have done for the Red Sox during those early days of the season. You were lights out. Please, please come back to us.

You can do it. Is it all in your head? Are you filled with worry? I know what that feels like. We are kindred spirits in that sense. You are quite hard on yourself, and so am I. I am able to overcome, and I make little money. Plus, I have to work every day. Every fifth start you can have that confidence, too. All those other days in between you can set aside worry time, or keep yourself nice and loose.

If it is more of a physical issue, I can understand the fear. After all, you don’t want to throw away your career. We really need you in September. This is ‘do or die’ time for the Red Sox. I believe a big reason why the club picked up Mr. Peavy is because of his confidence and his physical ability to leave it all on the field.

Hey here’s an idea, maybe take up yoga. I hear yoga is great for mind, body, and soul. All that stretching is great stuff. Bring your wife along to help bond with her. You need a strong support system.

I feel for you, man. Clay, you are so very hard on yourself. Pain is part of the game; it is part of being a professional athlete. You can do it.

With warm regards for a speedy recovery,


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