And So It Begins…

D Day

To the men and women of the Fenway Park Allied Expeditionary Force:

You are about to embark on a great crusade. We at Gate C Media are looking to change the way sports in this town are covered, forever. Yawkey Way Report, and the members of its team, are here to better Red Sox Nation for fans everywhere.

Those who wish us harm, ill will or failure, know that we will never, EVER accept defeat or surrender. To friends, family, fans, clients and allies from today forward, you are all our teammates at YWR.

I thank all of you for this opportunity to be an active voice in the Boston sports scene. I personally am dedicating this season to my grandmother, Pauline Egidio, who always taught me hard work, honor and determination. Myself, and this company, will put forth the very best that we have and see this venture through to ultimate victory no matter what the cost.

~Sly MVP

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