Assesing The Trade Value Of Stephen Drew

stephen drewThe Boston Red Sox signed Stephen Drew in May as sort of a panic move once Will Middlebrooks went down (again) with an injury. Drew, who has been the Red Sox everyday shortstop since, has done the Red Sox much more harm than good. Sure, he plays a great defensive shortstop, but the bad outweighs the good when it comes to Drew. Set to earn over $10 million this year, Stephen Drew is hitting at a .173 clip in 29 games for the Red Sox while maintaining a .254 OBP. Not only this, but Drew displaced Xander Bogaerts causing him to slump, took a starting role away from Brock Holt who is now a nomad on the baseball field, and is making it nearly impossible to call-up third baseman Will Middlebrooks from his rehab assignment. The first thing that pops into peoples’ minds is to trade Stephen Drew, but the issue there is whether or not that is a legitimate option.
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Realistically, what is a team going to give up for an overpaid Drew, hitting below the Mendoza Line, who can only play shortstop? The answer to that question is— not many. It is possible that the Red Sox do find a suitor, a team who is interested in trying out Stephen Drew, but no team will break the bank to get him. Boston would need to pay the rest of, or at the least the majority of, his 2014 contract for starters.
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A likely return for Stephen Drew would be a PTBNL or potentially an underachieving  prospect. Boston would be smart to take a solid Minor League reliever who has a legitimate chance at contributing to a Major League bullpen at some point in the future. If the Red Sox get a prospect such as a Joe Gunkel or a Corey Littrell, who are both in their organization, they should consider it a fair trade.
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By freeing themselves of Drew, the club could call-up Will Middlebrooks and put him at third while putting Xander Bogaerts where he belongs at shortstop. Of course, if there is no suitor for Stephen Drew, they could always designate him for assignment. It would be better to get something in return for Stephen Drew, but if they can’t they best not fret and cut ties anyways.

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