At the Top of the AL East? Really? Yes!

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 Could we have ever predicted that this Red Sox team would be at the top of the AL East and the top of Major League Baseball at the end of April? Everyone seemed to think the Sox would do a fair to middling job, placing us in 3rd or 4th place, behind the presumed powerhouses of Tampa, Toronto, and New York. Nope, we just witnessed Clay Buchholz throw a 2 hit, shut out the other night and be named AL East pitcher of the month with a perfect 5-0 record and 1.19 ERA. We witnessed the Red Sox, though they lost on Tuesday, not get rattled by Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s botched throw to first. This type of thing would have brought the 2012 Red Sox to their knees. Yes, Salty should have known the ruling about hitting the umpire’s mask, but the team as a whole did not completely self-destruct after that play. Though the Sox lost, the team rallied and continued to work together to score more runs. How exciting to see players work as a team, to go out on the field and have fun. Baseball is back in Boston, there I said it.  I don’t want to jump the gun and say “Hey, we are going to make the playoffs, and maybe even the World Series.” Yet, based on what we saw in April, it is hard not to believe in this team. It is hard not to believe in the depth that we have to call on in Pawtucket and Portland, and on the Boston bench. I believe with the coaching, determination, and teamwork with which these guys are playing, that the sky is the limit. They will go the distance.

After all, John Farrell was confident enough to state exactly what I am afraid to back in mid-February when he spoke with sportscasters on WEEI. He said that this Red Sox team would “rewrite the story” during this 2013 season.

I hope it is true, because we do not want 2012 to be the chapter for which the Sox are remembered.

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