My First Time At Fenway Park

There are few things that baseball fans or even sports fans in general can agree on. But one thing that everyone can agree on is how special Fenway Park is. The 109-year-old ballpark has seen some special moments and serves as a time capsule to the early days of Major League Baseball. As a diehard Red Sox fan, I dreamed of the day I would finally get to visit and watch some baseball at America’s most beloved ballpark. Living in Alabama definitely made it hard, but I finally got my chance over Memorial Day Weekend.

When I landed at Boston Logan International Airport last Friday, I instantly could tell that Boston was a special place. Looking out the window at the Chesapeake Bay running all the way up to the skyscrapers created a picture-perfect scene that made me never want to leave. Boston is a very special place; from the food, to the prestigious educational institutions, to the history, to the people and culture, and obviously a great history in professional sports. I honestly do not know of any other city that has such a fine blend of all those things.

First time at Fenway Park

Walking up Jersey Street and hanging a right onto Lansdowne Street made me feel like I was at home. The game experience at Fenway Park is one of the best experiences in all of sports. The enthusiasm of the fans mixed with the ballparks wow-factor made for an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. The Red Sox hosted the Miami Marlins when I was in town. Not only was it Memorial Day Weekend, but it was also the weekend that capacity restrictions at Fenway were lifted. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the ballpark was rocking. It really showed how dedicated Red Sox fans truly are. There are a lot that separate Fenway Park from every other ballpark in the MLB. Obviously Fenway is significantly older than just about every other, but it still looks just as good as a brand new park. The best thing about Fenway Park is the feeling of being in such a special and historic place. You simply can not beat that.

In addition to seeing the Red Sox play, I also had the chance to take the Fenway Park tour. The experience is awesome and very informative. You also get to see areas of the ballpark that you would not normally have access to, such as the press box and Green Monster. The tour lasts about an hour and allows for a bunch of phenomenal photo opportunities.

The Best Food At Fenway?

I got to spend a good bit of extra time at Fenway thanks to every game having a rain delay. Waiting around gave me quite the appetite, which allowed me to try many of the great concession options available at America’s most beloved ballpark. The chicken fingers and fries come in third place. The fries at Fenway were great, the chicken tenders were just average. At second I have the iconic Fenway Frank. This classic hotdog was one of the best I have had. The usage of a slice of bread instead of a hotdog bun is an interesting change I had never seen before. I have to give the first place prize to Regina’s Pizza. It was perfect and I can honestly say it was the best pizza I have ever gotten to enjoy.

Potential Red Sox All-Stars in 2021

The success enjoyed by Boston so far this season has been a breath of fresh air for Red Sox fans everywhere. After a frustrating season in 2019, and everything that went down in 2020, both baseball-related and not baseball-related, the Red Sox currently have the best record in the American League. Almost everyone had counted the Red Sox out before this season even started, but Boston has persevered. Boston is currently the top-ranked team in baseball offensively. J.D. Martinez and Xander Bogaerts have both done a phenomenal job of leading the way at the plate. The Red Sox have one of the improved pitching staffs in the MLB. They finished last season ranked 27th and they currently sit at 12th this season. Let’s discuss the biggest contributors to Boston’s success so far this season and the members of the club who are most likely to make the trip out to Denver in July.

Red Sox All-Stars

J.D. Martinez

J.D. needs no introduction at this point. He was a big part of the squad that won the World Series in 2018 and has been one of the Red Sox’s biggest contributors the past few seasons. He is currently hitting .342. Martinez has batted in 33 run. Finally, he is tied for the third-most home runs in the MLB so far this season at 10.

Xander Bogaerts

Xander has also done wonders at the dish this year. He is currently hitting .344. He has a slugging percentage of .609, and has only been struck out 28 times in 151 plate appearances.

Nathan Eovaldi

Nathan was part of the pitching staff that helped Boston bring home the trophy in 2018. He has been a member of the Red Sox ever since, but has really come out of his shell in 2021. He has won four games and has 47 strikeouts so far this season. Eovaldi has put the Red Sox pitching staff on his back and it does not look like he is slowing down anytime soon.

Other Red Sox Players Who Could Get Selected

Some other members of the team who could possibly get selected are Eduardo Rodriguez, Rafael Devers, Alex Verdugo, and Christian Vazquez. These guys have been good so far this season, but time will tell if they can take the next step in time to make the trip out to Denver this July.

How Does The AL East Look One Month In?

As the first month of the 2021 MLB campaign comes to a close, the American League East Division looks a lot different than many people expected. Coming as a very pleasant surprise, Boston currently sits in first place. The defending American League champion Tampa Bay Rays sit at last. The Toronto Blue Jays are in second and the Baltimore Orioles are in third. The biggest shock so far is the New York Yankees being towards the bottom in fourth place.

Fifth Place: Tampa Bay Rays

2021 al east

Tampa Bay appears to be experiencing a World Series hangover, which is the term for a team who struggles the season following an appearance in the fall classic. The Rays’ bats have been silent so far, as they rank 23rd statistically from the plate. Fortunately for Tampa Bay, they have arguably the best pitching staff, both in the starting rotation and bullpen.

Fourth Place: New York Yankees

The Yankees’ struggles have been one of the biggest surprises from this season so far. With a lineup including Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, it is hard to believe that New York would be ranked 19th offensively in the MLB. Their pitching staff, which includes Gerrit Cole, Corey Kluber, and Aroldis Chapman, has been a lot more solid. The Yankees pitching staff is ranked fifth in the MLB.

Third Place: Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have done a decent job of keeping pace with the division so far this season. They currently sit at about a .500 record, which is an improvement from the way the O’s have started the season in the past few years. Baltimore’s pitching staff is nothing too special, but they have been able to get the job done on a somewhat consistent basis so far in 2021. The Orioles have not found their groove yet offensively, but there is still a lot of baseball left to play.

Second Place: Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto appears to have finally gotten their franchise back on track. They have been one of the better offensive teams so far, being led by Vlad Guerrero Jr and Bo Bichette. The Blue Jays have been throwing heat so far this season, with a team ERA of 3.47 and 214 strikeouts.

First Place: Boston Red Sox

AL East 2021

The most pleasant surprise of this season so far is the success acheived by our beloved Red Sox. Boston’s pitching has come a very long way from where it was last season. Nathan Eovaldi and Nick Pivetta have both been lights out from the mound, and it is starting to rub off on the rest of the staff. The Red Sox have been on fire from the plate, as they have recorded the most hits by any club so far this year. J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers, and Xander Bogaerts have led the way offinsively, hitting .361, .292, and .333 respectively.

Is Boston In A Position To Make A Miracle Run?

The Red Sox have a fire in their eyes this season that we have not seen since 2018. These guys are playing great baseball and having a lot of fun doing it. The team chemistry is definently there, as well as the talent. A deep playoff run or even a World Series appearance is definently possible, but we do not want to get to far ahead of ourselves just yet.

Early Red Sox Success Gets Fans Excited

Our beloved Red Sox are nine games into the new campaign. Boston currently sits at a 6-3 record. They got swept by the Baltimore Orioles to kick off 2021, but they have won six games in a row since then. These victories includes sweeping the defending American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway, then traveling down to Baltimore and sweeping the Orioles. Boston travels out to Minneapolis next to take on the Twins. The Red Sox are currently sitting at the top of the American League East Division.

Red Sox success

Booming offensive production has led the Sox so far this season. They currently have the third-highest team batting average and the second-most runs scored. They also have the third-highest slugging percentage, and are tied for the third-most home runs hit so far this year. The man leading the way at the plate is J.D. Martinez. Martinez is currently hitting .472. He also has a slugging percentage of 1.083, tied for the most home runs with five, and has batted in 16 runs. Martinez has clearly contributed to Red Sox success.

One of the most impressive things about the start that the Red Sox have had is their ability to accomplish it without a very important piece of the rotation, Chris Sale. Sale has been Boston’s ace for four seasons now. He was placed on the Injured List during Spring Training. Eduardo Rodriguez, who was expected to step up and fill that role, has also had bad luck with injuries to start off this season. Boston’s leader on the mound so far this season has been Nick Pivetta. Pivetta has started two games so far this year, picking up a win in both. He has 11 total innings pitched, 11 strikeouts, and has only allowed four earned runs and one home run.

Red Sox Silence The Critics Early

Many people predicted the Red Sox to be in last place in the American League East Division all season. It is still early, but Boston is currently leading the way. The Red Sox definently have the offensive firepower to be a sleeper team this season, and the rotation will improve with the return of Sale and Rodriguez. This could be a very fun team to watch!

2021 Fenway Park Experience

For over a year, COVID-19 has turned life for everyone upside down. Luckily the situation has improved enough for fans to return to Major League Stadiums this season. All 30 clubs allowed fans in the ballpark on opening day. The Texas Rangers immediately allowed full capacity at games, while most teams are staying between 15 and 30 percent of their maximum capacity. On February 25th, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that stadiums could return to hosting fans at 12 percent capacity starting on March 25th. 4,500 fans will get a Fenway Park experience since that’s all the Red Sox will allow into the park for a game, at least for now.

2021 Fenway Park

Prior to entry on game day, all ticket holders have to take a health screening survey. Digital ticketing will also be used to minimize contact. Every fan over the age of two is required to wear a mask or face covering. The only bags that fans can bring into Fenway are bags that contain diapers or medical-related items. Fans can only eat or drink at their seat. One of the biggest changes to the Fenway Park experience is the gate-entry process. Five entry zones now divide Fenway Park. Fans have to enter through their designated zone determined by the location of their seat.

The Fenway Four:

  1. Social Distancing: Tickets are sold in pod-style seating. Additional line-mangement areas will be used at restrooms, shops, concession stands, and security checkpoints. Fenway will use buffer zones around bullpens and dugouts to close off access to player areas, which means no autographs will be allowed.

2. Proper Hygiene: Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. Make sure to cover your coughs and sneezes, and be sure to use the sanitation stations around the ballpark.

3. Cleaning And Disinfecting: The Fenway staff will do a great job with keeping high-touch areas clean. Staff wash every seat with a high capacity hose after each game. There will be an increase in ventilation throghout the concourses and other indoor areas.

4. Medical Screening: In addition to the health screening survey fans take upon entry to Fenway, the main first-aid station will be equipped with fully operational testing capabilities.

The staff at Fenway Park has done a phenomenal job of preparing the ballpark to safely welcome fans back. We need to make sure we do our part by properly wearing our masks unless actively eating or drinking, fully adhere to social distancing guidelines, make sure we practice good hygiene, and comply with the health screening protocols. Together, we can safely return to cheering on our beloved Red Sox.

Rodriguez Named as 2021 Opening Day Starter

Red Sox Manager Alex Cora announced that Eduardo Rodriguez will be the 2021 Opening Day Starter. Cora announced the decision last Wednesday night after Boston beat Minnesota 9-1 in a Spring Training game earlier that day. Rodriguez pitched five innings in that game, only giving up two hits and one earned run. He also recored six strikeouts. With Rodriguez named Opening Day starter, Cora is signaling that E-Rod may be the Sox new ace.

2021 Opening Day Starter

Eduardo made his MLB debut on May 28, 2015. He has been a member of the Red Sox for his whole career. Rodriguez has put together a solid career so far with a 51-31 career and a career ERA of 4.03. He has also recorded 707 strikeouts and given up 313 earned runs with 247 allowed walks.

A native of Valencia, Venezuela, Rodriguez was born on April 7, 1993. Seeing him back on the mound this season is encouraging. Rodriguez had to take almost a year off after a heart condition called myocarditis sidelined him for the whole 2020 season. Seeing the left-handed pitcher make his return this spring has been a feel-good moment for all baseball fans, no matter what team they cheer for. Rodriguez said in an interview after his return “I really enjoyed being back out there. After the first couple of pitches, I realized that everything is all right.”

Rodriguez Named Opening Day Pitcher…and Team Leader?

Rodriguez will need to be a leader for this young Red Sox pitching staff. With Chris Sale expected to miss the beginning of the season due to injury, he is one of the more experienced starters for Boston. Pitching was the team’s biggest liability last season. Hopefully, Eduardo’s return will help strengthen the rest of the Red Sox rotation this year.

The Red Sox kick off the 2021 campaign on April 1st, hosting their division rival Baltimore Orioles. Rodriguez and the rest of the team will get to show what they can do against a team similar to them. Hopefully for Red Sox fans, Boston can do a better job of being competitive this season.