Three Hits Match Career Best for Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr.

What an astonishing performance by Jackie Bradley Jr. last night at Fenway Park against the Texas Rangers. It seems as though he’s come out on top and it’s all because of a little bit of confidence (or maybe a lot) that makes him the hero of the night as the Red Sox beat the Rangers 5-1.

Shane Victorino was placed on the DL and Jackie Bradley was his replacement for last night’s game. It just so happened to work out beyond expectation. With three stellar hits and two outstanding catches in right field, JBJ proved to fans and the team that he was worthwhile. As he plugged away at the plate his confidence grew, transpiring into immaculate efforts at right field. He drew in two runs throughout the game with a total of three hits and miraculously caught two hard to come by balls in right field. All in all, for John Farrell and the rest of the team, it was a good night.

Bradley’s second hit drew in A.J Pierzynski to bring the Sox up 2-1. At the bottom of the eighth he, once again, drew in Pierzynski with a bunt ground ball to first base. The plays he made defensively equaled his performance at the plate. The first line drive to center field was, at first, awry because the light caused a blind spot for an instant, but that did not deter Bradley from sliding into the ball, making the catch and getting the out. His second catch chased him down the field, to the corner where he backhandedly propped the ball into his glove, once again, making the out.

His maturity and love of the game showed in his performance last night.  Upon speaking to various news reporters he told them that it’s all a process. He needs to think about what’s at stake for the team in the moment when he’s on the field, versus how one mishap could send him back to Pawtucket. Success breeds success and he showed that in his performance. You grow confidence in each play you make. His at bats bred his work in the field and vice versa.

Being 3 for 4 at the plate allowed Bradley’s batting average to skyrocket from .250 to .375. He truly did make a difference in not only the team’s efforts to win the game, but in his personal best. It was by far the best game of Jackie Bradley Jr.’s career. Let’s see what he has to offer tonight as the Red Sox take on the Rangers for their second game of the series at Fenway Park.

Battle Connecticut; Red Sox vs. Yankees


It appears as though the New York Yankees have more than a slight ‘edge’ over the Boston Red Sox when it comes to popularity in the state of Connecticut, even upon the Red Sox’ World Series’ victory last season.  Yes, there have been actual studies where researchers have gone through loops to come up with logical statistics. For example, according to Quinnipiac University’s Annual Polls, Connecticut baseball fans back the Yankees over the Red Sox, 43-38%. Not only that, but the Yankees take the cake in Fairfield County and Southern Connecticut by a whopping 54-18% advantage, whereas the Red Sox steal home in both Northern and Eastern parts of the state. Unfortunately (coming from a Red Sox fan) the omnipotent Yankees supersede the Red Sox as you look at the stats as a whole.

connecticut red sox yankees battle

In any case, there will always be Yankees fans and there will always be Red Sox fans, but it appears Bostonians won’t be seeing support from the little state of Connecticut any time in the near future. After all, it seems as though most Yankee fans and Red Sox fans alike remain loyal to their team in any given situation – losers or not. Moreover, the Yankees have always risen above Boston according to the study. Well, not always. Back in 2008 the Red Sox were  on top by a meager one percent. That didn’t last long though and the following year the Yankees were right back at it.

Yankees’ fans seem to be younger than the older Red Sox fans. According to the study, 46-34% over 65 root, root, root for the Red Sox.  It’s a generational thing I suspect.

All in all, it’s a tough call. Although the final result is the Yankees rival the Red Sox in Connecticut, both teams are among the most popular of the MLB league. It’s a tough call throughout New England as to who rivals who. I suspect it will always be a question of concern.

Team 9: The Red Sox Find A Way to Help End the War On Cancer

Photos by Nate Photography

The Red Sox Organization has done it again. First, it was the One Fund. Now, come to find out, it has been the key co presenting sponsor for the Jimmy Fund for 61 years, 35 of which has been in support of the Jimmy Fund’s Annual event, the Pan Mass Challenge. Team 9 they call themselves, in honor of the late Ted Williams’s dedication and support for the Jimmy Fund and cancer research. It is a group of dedicated individuals – families, friends and employees of the Boston Red Sox – who, in one day, in one extravagant event, set out to beat cancer. On August 2 and 3 of this year there will be 14 employees, friends and families who ride 150 miles to raise funds for research and tools to find a cure for cancer. Their expected revenue? $50,000.00.

Sally Lucchino, wife of President Larry Lucchino, has two years been not only a cyclist but the captain of Team 9. Among her are 45 others who travel from afar and train hard to support the nation’s number one athletic fundraising event.

The Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) is the Jimmy Fund’s largest contributor that generates 46% of its annual revenue in just one event that lasts two days. This year, over 4,000 cyclists will ride 150 miles to raise funds to find a cure for cancer.

In 2003, the Red Sox made way to rally the cyclists who train hard year round, and volunteers by way of opening the gates of Fenway Park and hosting a series of events and special nights. One example includes PMC Night at Fenway where cyclists ride around the warming track before the game to honor those who have survived. In 2010, the Red Sox displayed the PMC logo next to the Jimmy Fund’s on the Green Monster. The logo symbolized the organization’s 31st year as sponsor. In all, the Red Sox organization has not only dedicated their time and energy into putting forth their best and contributing to cancer research but they have also raised a total of over $2,000,000.00 to put an end to this death-defying illness.

You too can take action and help support the Jimmy Fund and the Red Sox’ mission to help beat cancer by clicking on the site below.



Fenway Park: the Most Expensive Ballpark to Attend

fenway park

Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is America’s most iconic park for more reasons than one. First and foremost, it’s a historical landmark. The oldest baseball stadium in the nation, Fenway was constructed April 12, 1912 – the same day the Titanic went down. It’s also the most sought after, not only because Boston has a slew of winning teams, but also because of its history. Although that may be, it is, bar none, the most expensive to attend. You may want to think about taking out a loan if you really are considering fighting the odds and taking your family to a Sunday afternoon game.

According to an earlier study by Team Marketing report, 2011, Fenway Park takes the cake in terms of expenses. Numbers were based on taking a family of four ‘out to the ballgame’. On average, spending money on four adult tickets ($53.38 each), two small soft drinks, two small draft beers ($7.25 each), four regular size hot dogs ($4.50 each), parking for one car ($27.00), two game programs and two of the least expensive adjustable caps ($20.00 each ) is a grand total of slightly less than $339.00! Ouch! That’s a large hole in the wallet!

Beer on tap in general is not the cheapest to buy at any stadium, but statistics show draft beer at Fenway is considerably higher than any beer at any other stadium. At $0.60 an ounce it is by far the most expensive.

Popularity rules out all odds when it comes to attending a ballgame at Fenway Park. With three World Series victories in a decade, the Red Sox are, no doubt, a popular team across the board (and nation).  Everyone seems to want a piece of them up close and personal. Yes, you could invite friends over, grab a six pack of beer, and deck yourself out in Pedroia and Buchholz paraphernalia and watch the game from afar, I guess, but it won’t be the same as attending a live game. So my suggestion to you is if you want to save a little money, arrive early and down some beers at the nearest bar like Cask ‘n’ Flagon or Jerry Remy’s; dust off those old 1980’s Sox’ hats and don’t bother spending money on new ones; pay for standing only seats (that is if you don’t have kids. It may get a little rowdy in those parts), and take public transportation. The green line is moments away from all gates to the park. It’s doable. I will tell you from my experiences last season. I did all that was aforementioned (granted I went to many of the games by myself), it wasn’t more than $70.00!  I plan on doing exactly the same as this season draws near.

‘B Strong’; A Nation’s Symbol of Strength vs. A Foundation of Hope

b strong

Braden Aboud, a 14 year old boy from El Paso, Texas was killed in a skiing accident in 2007. Thereafter, Gary Aboud, Braden’s father, began a foundation— Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation—in support of Braden, his love for sports and his devotion to helping those less fortunate. To Gary, ‘B Strong’ symbolizes the courage and strength his son had in life. It’s very powerful and very meaningful to the family and community that gather annually for various charity events to promote physical fitness and health among adolescents. That was seven years ago and the foundation is thriving today.

April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon, a day we will all remember as a day of terror; a day the city of Boston would come together as one because of a tragedy—the Boston Marathon bombings. For everyone among us, including the Boston Red Sox, ‘B Strong’ became a symbol of strength for our city. The emblem spread like wildfire in honor of all the victims and heroes who were directly struck with horror that day. It became a symbol of community and support.

Both parties have well respected ‘B Strong’ for what it resembles in each situation. The question stands, why are the Red Sox potentially being sued by Gary Aboud? “It’s becoming a full time job to protect this name” Gary tells CBS in a news report February 28. The legal battle between him and the Red Sox and Major League Baseball has been going on for several months now, but there is no reason for the Red Sox to back out. However, Gary would like for them to ‘cease and desist’. This would mean, for the Red Sox and for Boston, ‘B strong’ would no longer be of any value or meaning.
A lot of money was made after B Strong’ hit the media with t-shirts made up, banners, posters, hats and the like, but all of that money goes to charity— The One Fund. True, the money that comes out of the Braden Memorial Foundation also goes to charity and provides financial assistance to a slew of organizations. This is one reason why the Red Sox want to come to terms and build a dual trademark license. Both organizations stand for something so strong and invaluable that they both deserve the recognition. In an earlier report, the Red Sox explained they would like to see a mutual relationship with the foundation grow, one that co-exists.  Gary, on the other hand, says it’s problematic because when someone wants to find out information online about the foundation the Boston Red Sox appear.
To Boston ‘B Strong’ captured the hearts of many as it symbolized the coming together of a community in a state of tragedy. To the Braden Aboud Memorial foundation ‘B Strong’ is a symbol of one boy’s strength and courage that manifested a community of hope for those less fortunate. It also symbolizes the love of sport Braden had when he was alive. Who’s to say one should have the logo over the other?
“The Red Sox look forward to further such discussions and to a positive resolution–one that would, among other things, allow our distinct charitable interests mutually and successfully to co-exist”


Jake Peavy’s Duck Boat is Making A Splash in Alabama

jake peavy duck boat

From the Charles River to the Alabama River, the $75,000.00 duck boat has made its way via flatbed to Jake Peavy’s 5,000 acre ranch in Southwestern Alabama. Now he has massive plans to showcase the boat and keep it as a fine piece of memorabilia in his family. But first it’s off to Texas for a detailed paint job.

It wasn’t easy finding the right fit for the job but alas success. Although friend and teammate Johnny Gomes, while visiting Peavy at his ranch, took a stab at it and didn’t do so bad, sources say; It just needs to be slightly more professional and that requires a little more than a friend’s input. ‘Red Sox’, ‘Boston Strong’, a silhouette of the World Series trophy and pictures of players and their families are planned to showcase on Peavy’s new addition to the ranch.

So, if you thought, “What the duck was he thinking when he bought the thing,” or “It was definitely an impulsive buy”, think again. Ever since he was transferred to Boston from the Chicago White Sox he knew he wanted a piece of history and he knew he was going to have that boat by season’s end. Not only that but Johnny Gomes and Jon Lester persuaded Peavy to follow through with his plans after the parade.

It was the happiest time in his life, winning the World Series, Peavy notes and he wants to share the moment with his kids, his grandkids, their kids and so on. Besides, he was told by the woman who sold him the boat it was active at Normandy in World War II. Peavy’s dad is a huge history buff therefore it was only right to give him a piece of his passion.

Aside from being memorabilia passed down from one generation to the next, sources say, when Peavy retires from baseball he wants to hold a kid’s summer camp on his ranch. The boat will not only be an item to tour for spectators (and a boat to party on with Gomes and others) but it will also be a big part of the camp. Seeing as it rides in water and on land along with the fact that the ranch is 5,000 acres of placid lakes and serene landscape already fit with a bowling alley, swimming pool and arcade (and he’s planning on building a mini Fenway Park), it’s only right to introduce it to the kids.

How exciting would that be? As a kid or even as an adult, to be able to ride on the boat that once traveled the streets of Boston as the Red Sox rode by a crowd of cheers and chants over their 2013 World Series victory? That’s pretty cool!