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2013 ALCS Pennant

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Thank You To Our Ballpark Sales Crew For A Great April

hawkers 3

We here at Yawkey Way Report would like to thank all of the Red Sox fans who picked up our April issue. We sold out of our first print run and had to make a second. Of course all of these programs would not be able to reach the fans without our awesome ballpark sales crew. Veterans like Joe, Ryan, and Coolidge stepped up and taught all of the rookies the way to connect with the fans. Congrats to our rookie seller Joe Hat for being the top of the class.

Remember in May, when you come to Fenway Park, look for our hardworking crew selling Yawkey Way Report and pick up our newest issue.

Yawkey Way Report Images From Opening Day

Opening day photos Joe

Opening Day at Fenway Park has come and passed, but it was also the debut of Yawkey Way Report Program/Scorecard.  Our colorful vendors will be outside Fenway Park before every home game. Pick up our April issue with Jacoby Ellsbury on the cover.  Every issue includes a great free giveaway!

Opening Day Photos SlyTwo above photos from Jesse Costa WBUR/

Vernon Wells to give up his Halo for Pinstripes

vernon wells


Vernon Wells is heading to the East coast to join the boys in the Bronx, pending approval and a physical. Did you ever see that coming? Let’s see how this went down.

He originally signed a 7-year deal with the Blue Jays that the Los Angeles Angels picked up in 2011. This contract was a $126 million deal. He’s currently on the list of the highest paid players (he’s actually #11).

Money aside, was the trade for Vernon Wells worth it to the Angels? Here’s a comparison.

Vernon Wells played for the Toronto Blue Jays from 1999-2010. While there, he was an All-Star three times (2003, 2006 and 2010) and won the Gold Glove 3 times (2004, 2005 and 2006). He also won the Silver Slugger in 2003.

Between 2002 and 2010, he averaged almost 25 home runs and 89 RBI. Minus three seasons, he hit over .270. In the two years that he played in LA, he hit a combined .222, averaged 18 home runs, and about 48 RBI. He also missed 116 games.

Do I think it was worth it to the Angels? Not really.

So what do the Yankees want with him? And what are they giving up for him?

The Yankees are only paying $13 million total in the next two seasons, meaning that the Angels will still be paying the remaining $29 of Vernon Wells’ salary. No one has reported yet on what prospects the Yankees would give up. This is most likely because the Yankees’ farm system is pretty bare lately so, they won’t be giving up a whole lot.

To me, it looks like the Angels are desperate to get rid of Vernon Wells and the Yankees are desperate for some players since their DL is looking pretty full. For the Angels, this is a good move. They’re clearing a spot for someone (younger) to come up and break out, since Wells’ was slacking. Even though they’ll still be paying a large sum, it’s worth it for them to send him to New York.

The remaining questions, which I’ll keep track of for you:

  • Is this trade worth it to the Yankees?
  • Who are they giving up for Vernon Wells?
  • What does this mean to the rest of the American League East?