Bailing on Bailey


I’m sick of this Bailey bro.  He was hurt all last season which  might not have been so bad. At least he couldn’t blow saves on the DL.  And another thing, Josh Reddick, the dude we traded for Bailey, raked last year. How many home runs did he hit you ask? 32.  He hit 32 home runs.  Bailey didn’t even pitch that many innings last season.  Plus Reddick’s beard is way cooler than Bailey’s peach fuzz. Seriously look at this beard:


It’s mesmerizing. Where were we? Oh god that beard it’s so–Right Bailey! It’s at the point where the 7th and 8th are cake with Koji and Tazawa, but once Bailey enters, I feel like I am back at my first middle school dance: nervous and sweating from weird places.

To be fair, Bailey was sort of thrust into the role.  When Hanrahan unexpectedly hit the 60 day DL Bailey went from set up man to closer over night.  But this isn’t a role Bailey should be unused to.  When he was Rookie of the Year with Oakland he was the closer–as a rookie–it doesn’t get more sudden than that.

Bailey is officially out with three blown saves in his last five chances, and a 4.03 ERA on the year.  So, where do the Sox go from here?

Tazawa is likely first in line, as he’s gotten other chances this season.  Koji could be in the mix as well, but he’s been so dominant as the set up man, Farrell would like to keep him there.

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