‘B Strong’; A Nation’s Symbol of Strength vs. A Foundation of Hope

b strong

Braden Aboud, a 14 year old boy from El Paso, Texas was killed in a skiing accident in 2007. Thereafter, Gary Aboud, Braden’s father, began a foundation— Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation—in support of Braden, his love for sports and his devotion to helping those less fortunate. To Gary, ‘B Strong’ symbolizes the courage and strength his son had in life. It’s very powerful and very meaningful to the family and community that gather annually for various charity events to promote physical fitness and health among adolescents. That was seven years ago and the foundation is thriving today.

April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon, a day we will all remember as a day of terror; a day the city of Boston would come together as one because of a tragedy—the Boston Marathon bombings. For everyone among us, including the Boston Red Sox, ‘B Strong’ became a symbol of strength for our city. The emblem spread like wildfire in honor of all the victims and heroes who were directly struck with horror that day. It became a symbol of community and support.

Both parties have well respected ‘B Strong’ for what it resembles in each situation. The question stands, why are the Red Sox potentially being sued by Gary Aboud? “It’s becoming a full time job to protect this name” Gary tells CBS in a news report February 28. The legal battle between him and the Red Sox and Major League Baseball has been going on for several months now, but there is no reason for the Red Sox to back out. However, Gary would like for them to ‘cease and desist’. This would mean, for the Red Sox and for Boston, ‘B strong’ would no longer be of any value or meaning.
A lot of money was made after B Strong’ hit the media with t-shirts made up, banners, posters, hats and the like, but all of that money goes to charity— The One Fund. True, the money that comes out of the Braden Memorial Foundation also goes to charity and provides financial assistance to a slew of organizations. This is one reason why the Red Sox want to come to terms and build a dual trademark license. Both organizations stand for something so strong and invaluable that they both deserve the recognition. In an earlier report, the Red Sox explained they would like to see a mutual relationship with the foundation grow, one that co-exists.  Gary, on the other hand, says it’s problematic because when someone wants to find out information online about the foundation the Boston Red Sox appear.
To Boston ‘B Strong’ captured the hearts of many as it symbolized the coming together of a community in a state of tragedy. To the Braden Aboud Memorial foundation ‘B Strong’ is a symbol of one boy’s strength and courage that manifested a community of hope for those less fortunate. It also symbolizes the love of sport Braden had when he was alive. Who’s to say one should have the logo over the other?
“The Red Sox look forward to further such discussions and to a positive resolution–one that would, among other things, allow our distinct charitable interests mutually and successfully to co-exist”


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