Battle Connecticut; Red Sox vs. Yankees


It appears as though the New York Yankees have more than a slight ‘edge’ over the Boston Red Sox when it comes to popularity in the state of Connecticut, even upon the Red Sox’ World Series’ victory last season.  Yes, there have been actual studies where researchers have gone through loops to come up with logical statistics. For example, according to Quinnipiac University’s Annual Polls, Connecticut baseball fans back the Yankees over the Red Sox, 43-38%. Not only that, but the Yankees take the cake in Fairfield County and Southern Connecticut by a whopping 54-18% advantage, whereas the Red Sox steal home in both Northern and Eastern parts of the state. Unfortunately (coming from a Red Sox fan) the omnipotent Yankees supersede the Red Sox as you look at the stats as a whole.

connecticut red sox yankees battle

In any case, there will always be Yankees fans and there will always be Red Sox fans, but it appears Bostonians won’t be seeing support from the little state of Connecticut any time in the near future. After all, it seems as though most Yankee fans and Red Sox fans alike remain loyal to their team in any given situation – losers or not. Moreover, the Yankees have always risen above Boston according to the study. Well, not always. Back in 2008 the Red Sox were  on top by a meager one percent. That didn’t last long though and the following year the Yankees were right back at it.

Yankees’ fans seem to be younger than the older Red Sox fans. According to the study, 46-34% over 65 root, root, root for the Red Sox.  It’s a generational thing I suspect.

All in all, it’s a tough call. Although the final result is the Yankees rival the Red Sox in Connecticut, both teams are among the most popular of the MLB league. It’s a tough call throughout New England as to who rivals who. I suspect it will always be a question of concern.

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