Ben Cherington Won’t Start Fire Sale Yet

The Red Sox chances of turning things around this season are slim to none, but Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington is still looking to add a few major league pieces before the trade deadline according to NESN.

“I think the more general statement is that we’re going to work to get to a good team, get to the team that we believe we are actually closer to than many believe, as quickly as we can,” Cherington said. “So I foresee a scenario where we would even be interested in acquiring major league players, adding to the major league team.
It makes sense in a way, and if the Red Sox can get a few good pieces without Ben Cheringtonmortgaging their future, then I’d be for it, but it’s easier said than done. If Cherington wants to add major league pieces, he’ll have to be careful. A deal for a Cole Hamels, for example, could be potentially damaging to our future if it doesn’t work out.
If Cherington wants to go that route, then he should look at trading a veteran player or 2 for these major league pieces. Clay Buchholz is a guy that comes to mind, as he seems to have come around an is currently pitching great and could fetch a good price in return, should the Sox decide to trade him. Another guy could be Mike Napoli, but that would be much harder, given the way Mike has been struggling this year.  If you want to add major league-ready pieces, then dealing Mike Napoli wouldn’t be the way to go. Cherington would be better off dealing Clay Buchholz, as he would probably fetch more in return at the moment.
As bad as this season has been, I don’t believe a fire sale is the answer. Ben tried that last year, and that didn’t get us very far. The fire sale of 2012 only paid off for 2013, which was obviously a great year, but it didn’t carry over beyond that one season. I don’t think it’s in the Red Sox best interests to go through that again. We’ll see, though. Unfortunately it’s not up to me.

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