Bobby Dalbec Heating Up

Bobby Dalbec may have finally figured out how to hit the ball on a consistent basis, which should scare the rest of the American League. At his best, Dalbec can be a very dangerous hitter. If he stays hot, this Red Sox lineup will have very few holes in it. With Bobby Dalbec heating up, other teams would be wise to take notice.

Bobby Dalbec

Hunter Renfroe has provided steady production in the bottom of the lineup that Boston needed all season, but he simply does not have the same ceiling that Dalbec does.

In Dalbec’s last nine games, he is hitting .382 with and OPS of 1.227. It may not be a huge sample size, but it is his best stretch of the season. He has six extra-base hits in that span, three being home runs and two coming in the form of triples. He has gotten his average above .200 and raised his OPS over 100 points

So what’s his secret for this hot-streak?

According to Dalbec, he started choking up on the bat.

“Easy way to create more time for myself and that’s what I needed to do,” the rookie explained in a article. “So if I am a little bit tardy I have that to help me out a little bit. Less length on the bat, less bat to get around into the zone.”

The small change has allowed Dalbec to make contact more often and has allowed him to drive the ball to the opposite field. His latest home run against the Royals he drove 381-feet to right field.

Bobby Dalbec Heating Up

People can forget sometimes that Bobby Dalbec is still only a rookie that appeared in just 23 games last season. Part of the reason why is he came out hot by hitting eight home runs last season to go along with an OPS of .959. He looked like he had been in the league for years.

The high strikeout rates will always be there for Dalbec, but even if he can cut down the K’s a little his production will go up significantly and the Red Sox will leave fewer guys on base.

Maybe Dalbec’s early season struggles were just another bump in the road every rookie goes through early in the season. Once pitchers got the scouting report on him, they knew how to attack him. Now he finally made the adjustment that hopefully he carries for the rest of the season.

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