Bosox Best Bet: Bring Betts Bat to Boston


We have one week until we hit the midway mark of the season, and the Red Sox are at a crossroads. Either make some moves, and fast, or start to circle the bowl and have this season written off as a proverbial ‘bridge year.’

The easiest and most feasible move is to bring Mookie Betts up from Pawtucket.  Today.  The kid can flat out play.  He has been tearing up the minor leagues.  He began his rampage in A ball last year, ripping it up with  .346 average between Salem and Greensville.

This year, the kid picked right up where he left off, hitting .355 in Portland and becoming a fan favorite of Sea Dogs Nation.  He was a second baseman by trade until recently, and when he was promoted to Pawtucket he started playing center field.

Since getting to Pawtucket all he’s done is lead the team in hitting, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS.  Oh yeah, he’s also reached base safely in all 20 games he’s played in AAA ball, and he’s one of the youngest players in the league to boot.

What is the downside?  There is none. This is the weakest hitting Red Sox outfield since JFK was president.  Yaz, who will turn 75 this summer, could produce better than some of the efforts we’ve seen so far this season.  The Fenway brass took a chance on bringing Brock Holt up from Pawtucket, and so far that’s worked out very well.

All Holt has done since his ascension to The Show is lead the Red Sox in hitting and hustle. If the team is going to be mired in mediocrity this year, why not bring in another infusion of hitting and hustle and get Betts on the next Boston bound bus?

Holt and Betts may never be Fred Lynn and Jim Rice, but they’ll be a reason to watch the games.

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