Boston Blues, Save for the Sox

chara Boston

Times are tough in the Boston sports world.  If the above picture of Chara doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what will.  The B’s lost the cup. Aaron Hernandez is allegedly a murderer.  The C’s lost their coach, soul, and captain in one fell swoop.  But the biggest disappointment of the last few seasons is offering a ray of hope.  Fenway has become a sanctuary.  A pure palace of baseball made of verdant outfield grass, orderly white lines—even the dirt seems clean—has been devoid of controversy and losing.  The Sox have become the great cleanser of New England sports palate.

fenway Boston

I recommend taking in a game to restore your sanity.  Let the field wash over you as you stroll up a ramp.  If you don’t get goosebumps, see a doctor.  Once you enter the field, shield the high summer sun from your eyes and look towards the scoreboard.  You’ll see that the Sox are in first with one of the best records in baseball.  You’ll also see, if you gaze down the scoreboard, the Yankees are five games back.  The Yankees have given up more runs than they’ve scored.  If they continue this trend they will be well out of contention.

So take a step back.  The Sox are in first and the Yankees are losing.  Everything is right in the baseball world at least.

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