Boston, One Strong City



What a week, Boston! What a week. In the last 5 days, our city has gone from celebrating Patriot’s Day with the ┬átraditional running of the Boston Marathon and a Red Sox day game, to a city horrified, terrorized and under siege, to a city who has shown the bad guys that we are not a city to be messed with.Boston is one strong city.

In an effort to respect the carnage and unimaginable events that have plagued our beloved city for the past week, we at Yawkey Way Report have been on a brief hiatus. As managing editor, I felt it was in poor taste to discuss JBJ being sent down to Pawtucket or Red Sox pitching or anything else that would draw our attention away from the real life tragedy we, as a city, were faced with. While it’s true that sometimes we just need a distraction from the horrors of real life, and that sports provides that distraction for many, it’s unfair to pull our writers’ away from their loved ones during a time of tragedy just to focus on a baseball player.

The city was hit, knocked down even, but we were not knocked out. We got up, dusted ourselves off, and won.

Yawkey Way Report would like to thank the many courageous men and women in uniform for a job well done. We would also like to extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of the victims.

The Sox are back home today for the Fenway’s 101st birthday, the sun may or may not make an appearance here in Boston, and Yawkey Way Report staff are back to work.

Boston is one strong city.

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