Why The Boston Red Sox Should Keep Mike Napoli

mike napoliThere has been a lot of talk lately about the trade deadline. There are a number of players on the Boston Red Sox that other teams have interest in, including first baseman Mike Napoli. Although it is in their best interest to trade a number of pitchers, and maybe even a couple of position players, Mike Napoli is one guy they need to hold onto.
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The 32-year-old catcher-turned-first baseman is having an incredible year for the Boston Red Sox, although ordinary statistics might not show the whole story. His OBP which is an impressive .389 ranks 11th in all of baseball, not to mention he is on pace to clip over 20 home runs.

In the field, Napoli is pulling his weight as well. Playing above-average defense at first base while having the versatility to also play catcher if need be; it is rare to find an everyday first baseman as versatile as Napoli. Although he likely will not play catcher on a regular basis, it is something he can do if it comes down to it.
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Earning $16 million this year and considered overpaid, Napoli is doing his job and doing it well for this 2014 Boston Red Sox team and there is no reason to part ways with him now. He is under contract for Boston next year as well, which is why trading him seems like a bad idea. The 2015 season has a lot of promise for the Boston Red Sox and a veteran Mike Napoli will help them along the way by providing some power for a young lineup.
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If he were set to be a free agent after this year, that would be a different story. Mike Napoli definitely has plenty of trade value, but the time to trade him is not now. Given that he is one of the top first baseman in the league and has quite some time left in the big leagues, the Boston Red Sox should keep him for as long as possible.

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