Boston Red Sox Minor Leaguer Mickey Pena Suspended For Third Time

mickey penaIn Minor League Baseball, like in Major League Baseball, there is competition. In the Minor Leagues this competition is even greater than it is in the big leagues. In the minors obviously players compete against other teams, but what some people might not realize is how much internal competition there is. Players compete for promotions to the next level and for playing time with their fellow teammates. Sometimes a freak injury can earn a struggling guy a call-up, whereas at other times a player could be knocking the cover off the ball and have no hopes of getting any promotion. With this being said, it is logical to think that there are players in the Minor Leagues who will do whatever it takes to get to the top— whether it be lie, cheat or steal. As always in baseball, it is “three strikes and you’re out”.
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Recently, a midst all this competition, the Boston Red Sox had a pitcher for the Portland Sea Dogs suspended for the third time of his career for testing positive for “A drug of abuse”. According to, some “drugs of abuse” include “marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstacy, and other opiates”. That man is Miguel “Mickey” Pena, a 23-year-old lefty in the Boston Red Sox organization. So far this year in 13 starts for the Sea Dogs, Pena has struggled to say the least. In 60 1/3 innings, Pena has posted a 6.41 ERA while fanning 47 batters and walking 25.

At this point, there is really no reason why the Boston Red Sox should keep Pena. Drafted in the 2011 MLB draft with an $85k signing bonus, it might be in the Red Sox best interest to cut ties with Pena. It is clear that he shows no remorse for what he is doing and has made no effort to get help or end his dependency on drugs. One time is understandable, twice is questionable, but a third time is unacceptable. Assuming that he is on one of the harder drugs specified, odds are if he came back he would get suspended again and make the whole Boston Red Sox organization look bad. This would be a perfect excuse to cut Pena and give his job to a more deserving man given the fact that, to be perfectly honest, he pitched like dirt this year.
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Overall, it is disappointing to see people throw their lives away, but given multiple chances to prove he was clean Boston should no longer be associated with Mickey Pena. It is worth noting that he was sent home from the Cape Cod League for marijuana and when asked about the Cape Cod League he said it was “Nothing but rules”. The Red Sox organization would be best to cut ties with Pena sooner rather than later.

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