Boston Red Sox Starting Outfielder Brock Holt?

Brock HoltSo far this season, Brock Holt has gone beyond the call of duty for the Boston Red Sox, hitting .336 with a .373 OBP in 32 games while playing all sorts of positions around the field. A second baseman by trade, Holt has logged playing time primarily at third base this season, but he spent about a week at first base. As of late, Brock Holt has been playing left field as well. In no way is Brock Holt a premium defender, but his ability to hit a baseball makes it tough for manager John Farrell to leave him out of the lineup.
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One place Boston could use some help in is the outfield. With a .242 batting average in 21 games in 2014, Shane Victorino boasts the highest batting average of any Red Sox outfielder and he is currently on the disabled list. With that being said, the Red Sox are not receiving much offensive output from their outfield.

Lacking outfield experience, Holt is quickly proving he can play the position. The first game Holt played in the outfield professionally came on Sunday when he made this catch.

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Brock Holt is a highly versatile player who Boston can really take advantage of to fill in the holes in their lineup while bringing a hot bat to the plate every single day. Holt is key to Boston’s success, and needs to keep playing every day if the Red Sox want to compete this year.

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