Boston Red Sox Top 10 Prospects

Red sox top 10 prospectsThe Boston Red Sox are in the middle of a less-than-impressive season, but there is hope. Luckily for Boston, there are many talented young players on the team and there are more to come. With this in mind, let’s take a look and see who the Red Sox top 10 prospects are.

For this list, a prospect is defined as someone who has yet to play in enough big games to be considered a rookie.

1. Mookie Betts– Mookie is a no-brainer for the #1 Red Sox prospect. He has the potential to be a true five-tool player and is playing well in the big leagues so far this year. Expect him to be a household name for years to come and a valuable member of the Boston Red Sox.
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2. Henry Owens– A dominant young lefty in AA, there is no doubt that Henry Owens could handle the Major Leagues right now. Standing at 6 ft. 6, Owens leads all of AA in strikeouts and got the start in the Futures Game this past week. He reminds many of a young Clayton Kershaw giving Boston a major edge over the rest.

3. Blake Swihart– A well-rounded catcher in the upper minors, Blake Swihart gives Red Sox fans something to look forward to, making up for mediocrity behind the plate this year. Impressive at the plate and behind the dish, the switch-hitting New Mexico resident shows some serious promise for Boston.

4. Anthony Ranaudo–  Arguably the best pitcher in the 2011 MLB draft, Anthony Ranaudo slipped due to an injury. He had to re-prove his worth in a dominant Cape Cod League showing and once again last year in AA Portland. This year the giant righty is making his AAA International League opponents look bad and is a basically a lock for a September call-up. Expect him to fight for a spot in the 2015 Red Sox rotation.

5. Rafael Devers– A raw bat with some series promise, 17-year-old Rafael Devers is already playing pro ball in the United States and dominating the competition. Devers can straight hit and hit for power making him a rare breed of Dominican prospect.

6. Manuel Margot– Another Dominican prospect, Rafael Devers is a five-tool player. He does it all including playing center field to top it all off. The 19-year-old is impressive all-around in low-A Greenville smacking homeruns, stealing bases, getting on base, and playing defense. He is a potential breakout prospect next year.

7. Allen Webster– In his second season in AAA, Webster is pitching well once again. Pitching much more consistently than last year, Webster could definitely help the Red Sox in the second half of this season either in the rotation or in long relief. In the future, he should be an effective starter for the Boston Red Sox.

8. Brian Johnson– Like Henry Owens, Brian Johnson is also dominating his Eastern League competition. Not allowing a run to a lefty in 17 innings of work off southpaws, Johnson could be an intriguing relief prospect if he was not as talented as he is. The rotation seems like the way to go for Johnson but if all else fails which it will not, he could be a lefty specialist.

9. Sean Coyle– Finally healthy and playing a full season, Sean Coyle is showing everyone what he is made of. Hitting for average as well as some serious power while swiping bags, there is nothing that Sean Coyle cannot do. Right now, his biggest problem is definitely defense. On defense, Coyle is solid at second base, but is blocked by Dustin Pedroia. Perhaps a trip to the outfield would speed up his progress in the Red Sox organization.

10. Karsten Whitson– Some people might think this rank is too high, others too low. The 9th overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft, Whitson instead opted to attend college at Florida. Dominating for the Gators in 2011 and 2012, it appeared as though Whitson could have been the first overall pick in the 2013 draft ahead of Mark Appel. An injury forced Whitson to miss the 2013 season and put him to a slow start in 2014. With Whitson, the stuff is there and he may be the most talented pitcher in the Boston Red Sox organization. For now he stays at number ten and as time moves on and Whitson pitches at full capacity, there is no doubt he will be higher on the list.
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Honorable Mention: Michael Kopech

The Boston Red Sox are lucky to have such a talented pool of prospects in their organization. Many players will end up contributing to the Major League team, including many men who were not named on this top 10 prospect list. For now, Boston should be looking at those men the closest, as they look to impress the Major League team and earn a permanent spot on it someday.

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