Why The Boston Red Sox Should Trade Craig Breslow

craig breslowAt the 2012 trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox bolstered the bullpen by acquiring Craig Breslow from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Breslow, 33, since then served as the Red Sox setup man for the rest of 2012 as well as during the 2013 season.

So far this year, Craig Breslow has struggled to say the least. Posting a sub-par 4.37 ERA in 23 games walking 14 batters while fanning just 16. Although those numbers are not bad, he still has some value to other teams granted his past success. Before this year, the Yale graduate was known as one of the best setup men in the game.
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There are several reasons why Boston should trade Craig Breslow, but the number one reason is his value. Of course Boston has plenty of pitching depth with a plethora of men capable of pitching in the bullpen at the Major League level. It would be in their best interest to give a younger guy a shot given that Breslow is set to be a free agent after this year anyways.

As far as return, the Red Sox could get a decent return on Breslow. Think of it this way: in order to get Breslow, Boston gave up Matt Albers and Scott Podsednik, but ended up re-acquiring Podsednik when he refused Minor League assignment. For Breslow, realistically Boston could expect a mid-level prospect in return. Think players like Sean Coyle, Henry Ramos, and Teddy Stankiewicz as a potential return. To put it this way, Boston got some great use out of Breslow and could get some more use out of another prospect. Not bad for Matt Albers right?
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Overall, at the deadline it would make sense if Boston were to deal Breslow to another team. With several young guns waiting for their chance in the Bigs, it makes sense to move a proven veteran on a down year given that it is his final year hereā€”it’s better to get something for him than nothing! The Red Sox could easily replace the role Breslow is playing for the team this year internally while getting something in return, making the trade a great idea.

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