Should the Boston Red Sox Trade for Steve Cishek

Steve CishekAlthough the state of Massachusetts is not known for athletics, it has produced some respectable professional athletes over time. Patrick Ewing, Doug Flutie and Tom Glavine highlight some of the top pro athletes from the Bay State, but there are many more. Among these top-tier athletes with local ties is Falmouth native and current Miami Marlins closer Steve Cishek.

Ten years ago, Cishek was competing in Atlantic Coast League competition, but now he is one of the better closers in Major League Baseball.
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In 67 games for the Miami Marlins this past season, the 28-year-old notched 39 saves 65.1 innings of work in which he posted a 3.17 ERA and struck out 84 men (11.57 per nine innings).

In order to bolster the bullpen, perhaps the Boston Red Sox could pursue Cishek as they have pieces to move and could certainly use a piece to bolster their bullpen.  Cishek along with Edward Mujica would be definite possibilities in the closer’s role if the team decides to let Koji Uehara walk but either way, both of them would serve valuable roles for the club.
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As a young closer on a rebuilding team, Cishek would not come cheap, but rarely is a closer coming into his best years cheap. Still though, some guys who are in the Boston Red Sox system who are not a part of the team’s future who are not highly regarded may be a top prospect for another team.

Take Deven Marrero for example. Marrero is a defensive-minded shortstop with a developing bat who has no place in the team’s future thanks to Xander Bogaerts. Two others who are in the same boat include pitcher Edwin Escobar who below other younger and more talented pitchers and Sean Coyle who is blocked at the big league level by former MVP Dustin Pedroia.
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If Boston could offer up Deven Marrero, Edwin Escobar and Sean Coyle for Steve Cishek and get him, then that is a deal they should take in a heartbeat.

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