Brad Halsey Drugged When He Let up Bonds’ 714th HR

brad halsey

A career tainted by steroids just got a little more interesting for Barry Bonds, after some recent allegations were revealed, not about him personally, but about someone who directly relates to his career.
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According to a piece by USA Today, Brad Halsey who surrendered Bonds’ 714th home run on May 20th 2006, was on “cocaine and other drugs” when he allowed Bonds to tie for second in the all-time home run list, according to a pair of acquaintances of the late Halsey. On the day, Halsey tossed 6.1 innings and allowed two runs, both of which are on solo home runs, and struck out four men in total.brad halsey

These allegations would make sense given that Halsey was found dead at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff this past Halloween in Texas at the age of 33. Late in his life, we was battling drug addiction, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia.
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He had a recorded incident earlier this year, police found him walking chest-deep in a river, calling himself by another name and talking to people who were not present when police confronted him for throwing rocks at people on inner tubes in a nearby river. When police took him to a hospital for a mental evaluation, they concluded years of drug use led to his mental deterioration.

In his three year big league career, Brad Halsey went 14-19 with a 4.84 ERA in 88 appearances, 40 of which were starts. Each year, he played for a different team. In 2004, he wore pinstripes as a member of the New York Yankees. In 2005, he went to the Copper State and played for the Arizona Diamondbacks. And finally in 2006, he spent time with Billy Beane and and the Oakland Athletics.
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As most know by now, Barry Bonds went on to break the all-time home run record previously held by Hank Aaron with 762, but steroid allegations haunt Bonds to this day which taint what was otherwise one of the best careers in MLB history.

Even if this was true and Bonds received an unfair advantage in this at-bat and this at-bat alone, he still would have hit 761 career home runs and would still have been crowned the home run champ— just a little bit later.
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