Brandon Workman, Others, Represent the Future

Brandon Workman

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The future is now for the Boston Red Sox. Brandon Workman made his major league starting pitching debut on Sunday. He joins the likes of Ryan Lavarnway, Brock Holt, Brandon Snyder, Jackie Bradley Jr. who have all had their shot on the major league diamond. Never have I seen so many minor league players move around throughout the system, not come up to Boston so often and with such rapid-fire frequency. This is a testament to the depth that we have in our farm system. Workman is a perfect example as he quickly proved himself in Portland and then Pawtucket, and finally Sunday in California against Oakland.

This is what has made this year’s Red Sox team so fun to watch. You never know who will be at what position until the lineup comes out. Those from the minor league teams play with heart, feel the pressure, and rise to the occasion. Snyder proved himself useful until he was not, botching throws to first and not producing at the plate. Bradley Jr. experienced the same fate in the few occasions he made it up to the Bigs. Jose Iglesias and Holt seem to be making the most of their moment in the sun. With great plate patience and strong defensive skill they have maintained positions on the team for the longest periods of time, among their fellow brethren from Pawtucket. The future is now for these guys.

The Futures of Fenway game is scheduled on Saturday, July 27th at 12PM at Fenway Park.  Fans will be able to see the other great players the Red Sox have within their farm system. A few days later the League reaches its trade deadline. Will we need to make any big trades, or will we stick with guys we have in the system? Perhaps, there are some that need to go, like Stephen Drew, to make room on the 40-man roster. And, after all, you can’t have too much of a good thing.

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