Brandon Workman Suspended, But Not David Price?

David Price

Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham reported Tuesday, Brandon Workman has received a six game suspension and has been fined by Major League Baseball for “intentionally” throwing behind Rays third basemen Evan Longoria. David Price, who threw at David Ortiz in the first inning of the game, gets off scott-free.

What’s bothersome about this is Price basically admitted it was intentional and showed no remorse for it in an interview with Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal. He fired the first shot last Friday, not Brandon Workman.

Does anybody see how this suspension isn’t shrouded in hypocrisy? Suspending Workman is justifiable, but you have to be fair. Why wasn’t Price suspended for his actions? He threw at two batters (one that appeared not to be intentional), initiated the bad blood by plunking Ortiz in the first inning, and didn’t deny it the next day in an interview.

Boston may have started the “war” making a big deal over Yunel Escobar stealing a base with a five run lead on a defensive indifference the series prior, but does that make what Price did okay? In the eyes of Major League Baseball, who continuously express vehement disagreement with fights and intentionally harming fellow players by handing out suspensions and fines, it shouldn’t be.

Baseball is a game that prides themselves on consistency. If an umpire fails to give pitchers the benefit of the doubt on the inside corner, then they better be consistent with it. Why is this any different?  How is Workman facing a suspension and not Price? It’s nonsense, and this is an issue that needs to be talked about. MLB needs to be held accountable for their ruling, and give the public a sensible explanation for their decision to suspend Workman, but not Price.

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