Jackie Bradley Jr. Down to the Minors

jackie bradley jr.

( Yawkey Way Report understands that this is no longer breaking news, however, due to the terrorist attack on the city of Boston, we took a brief hiatus to focus on loved ones and safety)

Jackie Bradley Jr is headed down to the minors. The experiment is over. It is time to get him some consistent at bats and field play every day to improve his game. The only way to get better at something is to practice, and practice as perfectly as one can. Bradley Jr. cannot do that at the major league level.

Some say that if it is too good to be true, then it probably is, and this is definitely the case with Bradley Jr. playing in the majors over the last two weeks. It was such a great story. Truly a great run. It could not have happened to a more humble, mature man. The club just rushed him. I believe it was an earnest decision on behalf of the Red Sox management, and not one made to fill seats. He played at an incredibly high level, with outstanding statistics ranking him above seasoned major league players during Spring Training. Unfortunately, the truth is pre-season action takes place at a different speed. Every team tries new strategies, new people, and a mix of major and minor leaguers. It was a perfect blend of all these elements during the pre-season that made Bradley Jr. stand out among the crowd.

jackie bradley jr.

It is time for a change for Bradley and also for David Ortiz. Change is always bittersweet.  This situation is no exception. Ortiz will most likely return to the Boston line-up on Sunday. The Sox want to accommodate Ortiz, to keep him and the fans happy. A clause in David Ortiz’s contract states that he stands to lose $2 million dollars in 2014 if he does not start for the Boston Red Sox by Sunday. The Sox do not want to lose him.

He is healthier and will be able to play some days and rest others. Daniel Nava and Mike Napoli can both play the DH position, and platoon the first base position, if Ortiz runs into trouble. There is plenty of depth within the Red Sox roster for Ortiz to take his time while playing in Boston.

When will we see Jackie again? Perhaps, he will reappear if Jacoby Ellsbury chooses free-agency in June or July. Then again that may not happen since Ellsbury is so beloved by the fans. For now, the major league dream is over for JBJ. It is time to work on his game, so he can experience it again, for keeps.

“…the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

Senator Edward M. Kennedy – August 12, 1980


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