Brock Holt Not Just A One-Hit Wonder

brock holtIn the game of baseball, there are many players who have only one “good” year in their entire careers. In music, this phenomenon is known as a “one-hit wonder”. Most recently, the Boston Red Sox had a big one in 2012 and his name is not Will Middlebrooks.

Pedro Ciriaco played for the Boston Red Sox in 2012 and 2013, but did not finish the 2013 season in Boston. In by far the best year of his career he owned a slash line of .293/.315/.390 for Boston over the course of 76 games for the club. He also played all over the field providing serious versatility for Boston although he primarily played third base. 2013 was not nearly as productive for him as he owned a slash line of .216/.293/.353 and was subsequently designated for assignment in June.
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Brock Holt is in the middle of a great year for the Boston Red Sox this year, but he is coming back down to earth. On the year Holt owns a slash line of .299/.348/.420 although he has cooled off considerably since the all-star break. Since then his slash line is all around reduced sitting at .194/.260/.254 over the course of 67 at-bats. Since he is slipping, many fear he is going to only be a one-hit wonder but this simply is not the case.

Although there are many similarities between Holt and Ciriaco, they are not the same player. Sure both came from Pittsburgh, owned Major League experience before hand, play all around the field, and had great seasons with Boston while the team as a whole struggled, but Brock Holt is not Pedro Ciriaco.
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The most prominent example of this is OBP. In his career year for the Red Sox, Ciriaco had a dismal .315 OBP, just 22 points higher than his batting average. In his 188 game big league career spanning five seasons, Ciriaco has struck out 88 times while walking 18 times. By no means does he have good plate discipline. Holt on the other hand is somewhat of a mainstay at the plate. His OBP is 59 points higher than his batting average which is not outstanding, but decent to say the least. In his 127 game big league career, Holt has walked 35 times while fanning 86 times. Sure Holt strikes out more than Pedro Ciriaco — most hitters do. On the other hand, Holt gets on base more than Ciriaco by a considerable amount as well making him more valuable in that regard.
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In the future although Brock Holt is a talented player, do not expect him to be the Brock Holt of the first half of this year every year. He definitely has the makings to be a great utility man, but he is not someone who Boston needs to rely upon at third base as a big bat in their lineup in the future. He always makes plenty of contact and plays great defense anywhere. Even if he ends up being a .260 hitter lifetime, Holt is still a great player who will always give 100% effort and contribute to the Boston Red Sox in years to come.

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