Change in Attitude Will Help Doubront in His Game


The Red Sox surrendered four runs in a second inning that would prove the difference against the Yankees.

There is a shift in the Red Sox this season and it’s not only in the game, but it’s also in the players’ attitudes. Felix Doubront, a lefty bar none, has his head in the game this year (unlike last year) and is on the roster as No. 4 starter to pitch. Although he’s not No. 1, and his 2012 stats are eerie, he has proven to be up there with Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, and Ryan Dempster, as spring training draws to an end. April 1 will come and although Doubront will not be on the mound, he still holds a spot because of his new found attitude, his perfectionism, and his drive.

The left handed pitcher took control this past July as he appeared sharp on the mound with a 4.37 ERA (down from 4.86 ERA, in 2011), and was 10-5 throughout the month. However, his inconsistencies lead him on a downward spiral where his opponents hit .351 off his supposed, steamy 93-96 mph pitches. He’s a young player and has more talent than most guys out there.  He still has much to overcome, but the potential is there. Upon reading Wednesday’s Boston Globe, “All the tools, ready to build” by Peter Abraham, I found a young man, (Felix Doubront), who is ready to take control, which means he is ready to adjust his attitude, and keep his head in the game. He admits he has much to work on, but within time, manager, John Farrell, sees another solid No. 1 starter in the team’s future.

“This year is going to be different.  I know that right away. When I’m on the mound I get so pumped. But I’m going to change that.”

Wednesday, March 20, was proof Felix Doubront truly needs to keep his head in the game, and continue to think solely about the pitching. The first inning against the Yankees he was gold. After all, he struck out two of only eight pitchers. It was when his defensive team began to make errors on the field, in the second inning, his mental state got the best of him, and things grew out of control. He even threw one in the dirt, sacrificing a run. This caused the Red Sox a 4-0 loss against their nemesis, our nemesis. Although it was a pretty uneventful game from the second inning on, that inning proved Felix Doubront has a lot of work to do to make it through to the top, and become the next Ryan Dempster. A change in attitude will help, but the problem is, he needs to get out of his comfort zone, step up, and make that change.

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