Change in Plans for Shane Victorino


Shane Victorino signed a three-year deal with the Red Sox in the offseason. / AP

Shane Victorino seems like a funny, laid back guy who enjoys a good time when outside the ballpark. But when it comes to baseball, his career, seriousness sets in and he knows it’s time to work. While on his snorkeling trip, in Maui, Hawaii, Victorino confirmed, without hesitation, that he would be on the Boston Red Sox for the 2013 season. It was exciting for him, the opportunity to be on the Red Sox and help bring back what was a struggling team in the last couple of seasons. After all, Fenway Park was, and always has been, his favorite field to play on, and to have the opportunity for the park to be his home was like a dream come true.  It didn’t matter to him, the Red Sox’ past, nor did it matter he would be assigned to play right field when traditionally he was a center fielder. Unfortunately, to the fans, center field was his position and that’s where they intended him to play. However, Victorino’s attitude proves he is in Boston to win. For whatever position he plays, he knows he will do what is expected of him. Besides, although center field will remain in his heart, while playing right field for the Phillies, he proved to be a success.

I find this very impressive on Victorino’s part, for it proves his flexibility to adjust to a team who needs his help. It also gives me great hope the Red Sox will make it to the playoffs this year. Because most of the players are new to the organization, like Victorino, they don’t have the past to put behind them.  Instead, they have hope for the future, and motivation to create a team that once was.  Okay, so we might not make it to the World Series in 2013 (that’s for 2014), although it would be a grave comeback, but this year we can already tell there is more of an ‘A’ team. And for the players like Shane Victorino who are willing to put forth the effort to come out on top, no matter what the challenge or situation may be, I see a blue sky through all those dreary, dismal, dark clouds. I’m truly excited for this season to unravel.

 “I might wrap myself around that pole, but if I’ve got to go get the ball I’ve got to go get it.”

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