Chris Young I’m Over You

I’m just going to cut to the chase and say it—I’m over you Chris Young. I’m sick and tired of hearing, “Oh well he hits lefties very well” and “we envision him to see majority of the AB’s against lefties this season”. It’s all a bunch of crap, and it’s time to own up to the fact thatChris Young this signing was stupid, idiotic, and a waste of money.

I don’t care that he hit .327 against lefties in 2015 with the Yankees, because guess what? That doesn’t mean anything. Instead of only talking about his 2015 season why don’t we talk about his last 3 seasons as a left-handed hitter shall we? From 2013-2015 in 375 AB’s Young hit a mere .245 against LHP.

.245? .245? How that merits a two-year, 13 million dollar contract is beyond me. I mean, the guy’s hitting .182 on the year and guess what?! He’s faced more RHP than LHP. Are you kidding me? Yeah, he’s a decent fielder but hell, if you wanted a fourth bat who hit’s lefties well why didn’t you just have a reunion with the “Flying Hawaiian” Shane Victorino, who’s hit .291 against LHP the last three seasons? Or trade for a guy like Franklin Gutierrez who’s batting .283 against LHP the last few seasons as well. Now obviously I know that wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s head, but it just goes to show that there were other options out there, but we settled on Chris Young?

At the end of the day, I’m just a rookie sports journalist whose passion for the game sometimes clouds my judgement.  I at least have the smarts and know the numbers to tell you that Chris Young is a waste of money and time. Even Rusney Castillo (who in my opinion, is only a Red Sox because they failed miserably at signing Jose Abreu) is mashing .385 against LHP currently while in Pawtucket. Plain and simple Chris, I’m over you, the fans are over you, and pretty soon this team will be over you.

So I wish you luck and hope you can figure out how to hit a lefty, cause if not it’s off to DFA Land for you pal.

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