Clay Buchholz Addresses Trade Rumors

Clay Buchholz has been brilliant as of late, including an 8 inning gem last night. And, with success comes trade talk. I mentioned trading him last week, but now the trade rumors are really starting to swirl now amid his recent run of form that has seen him drop his ERA to a team low 3.48.

Both Clay Buchholz and John Farrell weighed in on the rumors, both saying that they want clay buchholzClay Buchholz around as much as possible. Buchholz told Masslive, “I never even thought of that. I don’t know. It is what it is. I understand the business side of it. But like I said before, this is the only place I’ve ever been, but I’d like to be here as long as I can.”

“I can’t comment on trade speculation,” Farrell told MassLive. “He’s a guy that’s been born and raised in this organization, and he’s performing as a very strong starting pitcher right now. Those are the types of guys you continue to build around.”

Right now, I think the Red Sox should look into it if the price is right, but at the same time, trading away our best starters didn’t work out so well last season. Jon Lester and John Lester were both dealt, and both ultimately fetched little in return, so it might not be the best idea to deal Buchholz with that in mind.

At the same time, 2015 is a lost cause, in my mind, but Clay Buchholz is one of the few guys on the team that could get a good price at the moment, so if the Red Sox want to think about dealing veteran players, Buchholz should be at the top of their list. It seems harsh, given the way he has pitched recently, but if Ben Cherington thinks he can get a good piece or 2 in return, then what does he have to lose at this point?

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