Daniel Nava and Dustin Pedroia: Two Different Salaries, Same True Grit

Daniel Nava

Daniel Nava is a powerhouse for this Red Sox team, making great plays on the field and at the plate. There is something rather surprising about Nava. He earns approximately $100,000 above the league minimum salary. Nava rakes in just $505, 500, while his fellow teammates earn millions of dollars. Some of those players are strong contributors, too, while others have their moments.

Heading over to baseballplayersalaries.com’s website further confirms Nava’s contribution and earnings over the course of the season. The people behind the website calculated that for the 109 games that he has played in thus far, he earned $4,637 per game, and for 107 hits he has earned $4,724. Nava is a lock for a hit in almost every game in which he plays, though. Currently, he is in a bit of slump. Numbers do not lie, though, as his batting line is .292/.380/.432. He is a versatile in the field, too. He has played different outfield position, and even accepted first base duties. Nava’s contract is not up for arbitration until 2015.

As a point of comparison, Dustin Pedroia earns $10,000,000, and is set to earn $12,500,000 next year after his 8-year contract extension penned in July. He earns $76,923 per game and $65,359 every time he makes contact with the ball while at the plate this far this year. He has more hits than Nava, at 153 over 130 game appearances, but he is more than well compensated for his on the field activity.

Why is this worth mentioning? I believe there is a lesson to be learned about motivation, drive, and hard work.

Daniel NavaOne could say well this year was his time to shine. Another may say that he is seeking a raise. These thoughts may be true, but watching how Nava plays, he seems to love to work hard at the game he loves.  For him, I believe it’s all about work ethic, a woefully lost personal trait in modern day life.

The whole team has been grinding out wins throughout the season.  Nava has been a big part of some of those wins. We can all learn a lot from this year’s Red Sox. If we show up on the field, or in the boardroom, with something to say or do, then you have the ability to be successful.

Putting in time, effort, and the fortitude to push through obstacles and injuries will win games and move you forward in your career. After all, this combination of talent, skills, and grit seem to have worked well for Dustin Pedroia.

Let us hope that Nava, and all the other grinders out there, are noticed and properly compensated for “A plus” work.

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