David Ortiz: Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Folks

david ortiz

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After much hemming and hawing during spring training, it appears David Ortiz feels pretty good. He may say pretty [expletive] good. He is on a 27-game hitting streak. Red Sox management was concerned that he would not be able to play in any games. We can have someone run for him if it comes to that, but he is swinging that bat to the tune of .416. Then, must we worry that he seems to be doing just a little too good?

There is a lot of chatter about steroids, but personally, I don’t think he would do them. The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy spoke with Ortiz “mano-a-mano,” and he vehemently denied the accusations. Now that puts the reader in the unfortunate place of determining the truth.  If you know your Hamlet then you will recall the line from the Shakespeare play, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” directed toward the Queen during the play reenacting the death of the King, in which she plays a part. In other words, too much talk about the subject deems you guilty. Or, you can believe Big Papi, the big, lovable lug that he is, and take him at his word: he is steroid free. God forbid, we just enjoy his success, especially after the nail biter of a preseason. No, we have to find something about which to whine.

Besides, I think the Red Sox have bigger fish to fry with a lack of depth at third base, getting bats on balls, and getting themselves out of a slight slump.

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