Derek Jeter Retires and Boston’s Tickets Sail


On Wednesday, February 12, Derek Jeter announced he is retiring after the 2014 season. Immediately after, Boston’s tickets sailed to historical prices

It wasn’t long after Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees announced he was to retire after the 2014 season, Boston’s tickets sailed to historical prices. On Wednesday, February 12, Derek Jeter signed off the Yankee’s roster when he stated he would not be continuing his baseball career after the 2014 season. Moments after his announcement, tickets at Fenway rose a whopping 278.2% according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. At least for the final games against the Yankees, September 26-28. September 28 is supposedly Jeter’s last game of the regular season and there will be a remarkable farewell no one can miss. As remarkable, most say, as Mariano Rivera.

Prices soared Wednesday from $26.00 (cheapest) to $200.00. Face it,  Jeter is a hot commodity! The average ticket rose in an hour to $1,153.01 and right field boxes, at minimum cost, took wind to $11,002.55! Kudos to those who bought tickets prior to the announcement. I betcha you feel like you won the lottery.

Although a fierce rival to the Boston Red Sox, Derek Jeter is and always will be an icon, a role model to all. Even diehard Red Sox fans can admire the shortstop’s talent and enthusiasm for the game. Hence the reason why September 28 will be a day in history for baseball. Hence the rise in ticket sales. It will be a different game when he’s gone that’s for sure. One of the most “down to earth” players in the league, Pedroia states, Jeter has made the navy and white pinstriped uniform a national symbol of strength and endearment. Rookie, Daniel Nava of the Red Sox praised Jeter when in 2010 Nava was signed onto the Red Sox, stating he was the one to watch on the field.

His story is one to tell and who doesn’t want to be there, at Fenway, when Jeter is in his Yankee pinstripes one last time?  I know one thing is for sure—when he walks out onto the field that last inning, on September 28,  a wave of cheers will fill the stadium of Yankees and Red Sox fans alike. So is it really worth the rise in ticket sales?

Hell yeah it is!

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