Deven Marrero: Shortstop Of The Future?

deven marreroIn the first round of the 2012 MLB draft the Boston Red Sox selected Deven Marrero, a shortstop out of Arizona State University. Marrero, 23, has progressed nicely and is on a tear for the Portland Sea Dogs. In 61 games for the Sea Dogs this season, the Miami native is hitting .292 while boasting a .372 OBP. His power is also worth noting as Marrero is an impressive doubles hitter. Approximately 1/3 of his hits this year are for extra bases. In the field, Marrero plays superb defense at shortstop booting just six balls this year.
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As of late, Marrero is heating up at the plate. In his past ten games, Marrero is hitting .444 in 36 at-bats while drawing four walks. For Marrero, this is a great sign since he is not really known for his bat and hit just .227 fanning 32 times in the month of May. Many project Marrero as a number nine hitter at the big league level, but with his impressive plate discipline and constant improvement at the plate, he could end up being better than that.

In the Boston Red Sox organization, it is pretty clear that Xander Bogaerts is the shortstop of the future. Deven Marrero is a great prospect and all with a bright future, but does he really stand a chance against a protege like Xander Bogaerts? Probably not to be completely honest. What Marrero can do is play superb defense at shortstop and he handles the position well. There is no question when it comes to defense for Deven Marrero.
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With this being said, Marrero is athletic enough to play any position on the diamond. To put it this way, Marrero is much better defensively than Brock Holt was at the same point in his career, and Brock Holt can handle every position with the exception of the two batteries. If Holt can do it, Marrero most certainly can as well.

Deven Marrero is proving his worth at the plate. His defense was already up to par, and his only question was the bat. If Marrero keeps playing the way he does, he has a bright future ahead. Though he is blocked in the Red Sox organization, Marrero could definitely prove himself valuable at shortstop in Boston or elsewhere if it comes down to it. He could be a valuable trading block to the Red Sox if there is no room for him so, Boston has plenty of options when it comes to him. It will be interesting to see how the whole Deven Marrero situation plays out.

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