Did the Red Sox make the right call on Daniel Bard?

Daniel Bard

The bizarre saga of Daniel Bard continues.

Last season, there was an outcry to insert the right-hander into the closer’s role when Alfredo Aceves couldn’t even close a door, never mind a game. Now, we find that at the start of the 2013 campaign, Bard will begin his season even lower than where he was sent last season.

On one hand, I understand why the Red Sox want to demote Bard all the way down the Double-A. Bard was a disaster in his early minor league days in the Red Sox organization, and was corrected by current Sea Dogs pitching coach, Bob Kipper. The two will be reunited, as Bard was demoted to Boston’s Double-A affiliate just a few days before the start of the season.

On the other hand, we all know how much of a headcase Bard can be. After his demotion to Triple-A last year, the reliever continued his downward spiral in the minor leagues. I see what the Red Sox are trying to do by hooking him back up with Kipper, but is another demotion what Bard needs right now? By all accounts, he was touching 96 on the gun during spring training. Could the Red Sox have afforded to keep him on the Opening Day roster as a confidence-booster for Bard?

It’s a moot point now, but time will tell whether or not John Farrell and the Red Sox made the right call on Bard to open the 2013 season.

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