A Dose of Red Sox Reality

Red Sox reality

Everyone reading this is in need of a Mo Vaugh-size dose of reality.  As a whole, the 2014 Red Sox suck!  The offense is inept, the defense is mediocre at best and the pitching has been sub-par.  Now, before you huff and roll your eyes in frustration, stay with me here because at the end of the day, deep down in your heart/gun to your head, you know what I say is true. I’ve been a fan of the Boston Red Sox for my entire 35 years of life.  Just take a look at the tattoo on my right forearm if you question my love and loyalty for this team. I’m just tired of everyone comparing this team to the 2013 World Series Champions.  The team, as constructed at the start of the 2014 season, was a team destined to be worse as it was.  I have one secret to share with you all that has been eating away at me more and more with every 98.5 caller I listen to, every article written and every TV segment— THE RED SOX WERE F’N LUCKY LAST YEAR!!

The short term memory of the people I’ve had to listen to is incessantly absurd.  People seem to forget how absolutely horrendous the team was in 2012 or, as I like to call it, “The Valentine Experiment”. As a matter of fact, it was the worst winning percentage team since 1965.  They had an abysmal 69-93 season and thus ended the tenure of Bobby V. Going into 2013, most people had the team pegged for maybe 85 wins, and those that estimated that number were ridiculed and called homers.

The team that won the 2013 World Series was a magical one; it was lightning in a bottle.  Injuries were minimal, but the ones that were long term allowed the “next man up” theory that the Patriots live by to arrive at Fenway.  Hanrahan & Miller go down, Uehara steps up. Almost every player played either to, or over, their potential.  The team just clicked, chemistry was that of the 2004 “Idiots”.  Some say the Marathon bombing catapulted the team as a team destined to win. That may be true, but anyone who thought that a team who lost its leadoff hitter & starting catcher would equal the production of lucky 97 win is delusional.  You add players that have plateaued, have missed serious playing time and some bad decisions (Seizmore, Drew, Pierzynski) into the mix, and you have the debacle that you’ve seen this season.

Since I’ve started this, they’ve made one step in the right direction, by DFA’ing AJP.  They could still stand to make some more trades, some to get rid of dead weight (Drew- I’d pay his entire salary to get him out), some in hopes of resigning in the offseason (Koji) & some that just flat out deserve another chance to win somewhere (Peavy).  It’s time to sell, sell, sell! Bring the young guys up & let them get used to the Bigs. We’re going to need them eventually, why not now?

The 2014 Red Sox suck, and that’s OK.  We’ll get better, but not this season.  Hell, maybe not even next season. We will rise once again and it definitely won’t take 86 years this time!

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