Dustin Pedroia and the War on Performance Enhancing Drug Users

Dustin Pedroia

As if I needed another reason to just love Dustin Pedroia- he’s becoming very vocal about his opposition to performance enhancing drugs and to players who use them.

Performance enhancing drugs have been a focus in major league sports. Despite them being banned, there are still players (Alex Rodrieguez, Ryan Braun- I’m looking at you) who take them.

Players tended to stay mum when it came to discussing PED’s until lately. The latest player to speak out is Boston’s own Dustin Pedroia.

“I want all the young kids and everybody to see baseball as pure and everybody that they see, they can look up to them,” the Red Sox second baseman said. “I don’t want those kids looking down on their role models. It’s upsetting, man. You don’t want to see that.” (www.boston.com)

Dustin Pedroia also has stated that players are given so much information on what supplements that they can and can’t take that there’s no reason why any player should take anything that’s banned- unless they were purposely trying to take advantage, which isn’t cool.

He even showed off a smart phone app that tells him what each supplement is when he gets them. And because Dustin Pedroia is the man, he even double checks with Red Sox staff before he takes any products.

So, cheers to you Dustin Pedroia! Here’s hoping we can get all of the MLB drug free!

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