Is Boston Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia Regressing?

Dustin pedroiaWinning the Rookie of the Year award in 2007 and American League MVP in 2008,  Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia set the bar high for himself early in his career. Known as one of the best second baseman in the league, if not the best, Pedroia is not having as spectacular of a season as he regularly does. On the year, Pedroia is hitting .277 while posting a .346 OBP with four homeruns and a pair of steals in seven attempts. These numbers do not jump off the page and if someone never saw him play, they might think that Pedroia was an above-average second baseman, but not a superstar.
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The question at hand is: Is Dustin Pedroia regressing? As of right now, the answer appears to be yes. The 30-year-old second baseman is still a valuable asset to the Boston Red Sox, but his best seasons may be in the past. Not to say that Pedroia is not playing well this year, because he is doing a great job, but he may no longer be the best second baseman in the league. On defense though, Pedroia has committed just one error making his fielding percentage an outstanding .997.

For Pedroia, there is no doubt that things will get better. Even if he never wins the MVP award ever again, he can still help Boston win games. If he can hit around .280 with a .350 OBP, which by the way is realistic, while playing great defense in the field, he would be the type of guy anyone would take on their team. He still has many years left in him and has the only long-term contract on the Boston Red Sox, giving them security at second base for years to come.
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Overall, Dustin Pedroia raises no concerns for Red Sox nation. He gets the job done day in and day out making him one of the most dependable guys on the team. Playing in every game so far this year except two, Pedroia brings some certainty to a team which is having a disappointing season to say the least.

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