Should the Red Sox’s Dustin Pedroia Retire?

Red Sox fan favorite Dustin Pedroia went back on the disabled list this week with knee inflammation. What makes this particularly frustrating is that Pedroia just came off the disabled list after having undergone surgery last October. Pedroia missed fifty-seven games last season and sixty-nine in 2015. As age and injury creep up on the four-time All-Star, many are asking the question: Should Dustin Pedroia retire?

Pedroia hit .318 in 154 games in 2016, and .293 the following year. Injuries, however, havepedroia retire always plagued Pedroia’s career. Broken feet and fingers kept him out of action for much of the 2010-2012 seasons. Since then Pedroia’s suffered from other ailments that have limited his playing time. The short amount time he played in between stints in the disabled list makes this season different from others. The Red Sox activated Pedroia from the disabled list on May 26th before landing back on it again on June 2nd. Peoria’s only hit .091 in three games this season.

Should Pedroia Retire?

Pedroia’s getting up there in age and the multiple injuries he’d suffered throughout his career doesn’t make it any easier for him. But if Pedroia was to retire this season it would come after a long and distinguished career. Pedroia was a 2006 Rookie of the Year. He was also the 2007 Most Valuable Player. In addition to the two World Series Championship teams he played on, Pedroia’s a four-time All-Star, four-time Gold Glove Winner, and also won a Silver Slugger Award. While his numbers aren’t quite Hall of Fame worthy, Pedroia’s legacy in Boston is strong enough that he’ll secure a place in the Red Sox Hall of Fame at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Red Sox retire his number either.

If Pedroia can’t bounce back after this stint on the disabled list then it’s time for Pedroia to retire. Red Sox Nation would much rather remember him as the player he once was rather than the injury-plagued player he’s become.

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