Exceptional Pitching by Buchholz at Monday’s Home Opener

home opener

Thanks to the exceptional pitching of Clay Buchholz and the mighty bat of Daniel Nava, the Red Sox were victorious during their home opener.

The game against the Baltimore Orioles was a battle of two strong pitchers, Wei-Yin Chen and our own Clay Buchholz. Not until the 7th inning did the skies open up with hot bats by Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli, and finally a home run by Daniel Nava. Three runs were scored and summer came to this great city of champions, again!

Since pitching went so well for Buchholz, we were able to take a longer look at the likes of Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan; checking out their stylings to see how they may perform if needed in the future. It seems there was a one-two punch with our closers during this game. I wonder if this trend will continue throughout the season. I like it. It allows the bullpen to play as a team. This is an interesting closing strategy. Who knows what John Farrelll has under his sleeve regarding the orchestration of pitching for this ball club?

Nava and Middlebrooks are truly showing themselves as forces with which to be reckoned; a possible dynamic duo. During the last two games they have been big producers.  I was not a big Nava fan to begin with, but now I am. Call me a fair-weather Johnson, if you wish, but I believe I will prove myself more than such. During Spring Training, I thought there was a lot of hype about them. You can’t argue with the performance, run production, and numbers they put up during each game.

A great start to the home stand season, I hope the trend continues. I was pleased to see the celebration of the 60th anniversary year of the Jimmy Fund with children galore on the field before and during the game.

There is nothing more precious than viewing the game of baseball through a child’s eyes.

How do you think we did yesterday? What are your thoughts on the home opener?

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