Should Fans Attain High Expectations or Just Have Fun?


Did we ‘expect’ to go to postseason this year after the debacle of 2012 and the performance of 2011? If you an optimist, then maybe. But traditionally speaking the majority of us fans were hopeless, selling our season tickets and refusing the sport altogether.

That was April. It is now almost October and the Red Sox have clinched the AL East. ‘Hopeful’ is now the only word that describes Sox fans these days. But should we have expectations of them going all the way, winning the World Series? That’s an affirmative no, in my opinion. Unless you are a psychic there was never a chance in hell they would make it this far. However, we had a great time this season and the Sox ‘unexpectedly’ swept the division.  Yes, we wanted the team to do better than 2012, but I, by no means, believed they would make it to the top nor remain on top, the entire ride.  It’s definitely surreal.

Just have fun as we’ve done all along. Expectations, after all, set us up for failure. They create grave disappointments and take us away from being a part of something spectacular; the joining of a community to watch our beloved team fight to go the distance. There are two more games left in the season until the playoffs kick off. Even though the Sox already hold a spot we need to remain avid fans until the very end; come October 4th, game 1 of the postseason, there is a good chance the Sox can attain home field advantage. They need our energy, our support and our spirit because there is one thing I can expect come postseason and that is to see Game 1 here, in Boston, at Fenway Park.

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