Fenway Feature #1: What is the Green Monster anyway?


Since not everyone can be so lucky to live near Boston or even be able to make the pilgrimage to Fenway, there are probably a lot of questions about Fenway Park.

The most notorious of all things Fenway Park is the big ol’ mean Green Monster.




What is the Green Monster you ask? Easy answer: It’s a wall. Yup, just a wall. A really┬ábig wall. Oh, and it’s green.

More specifically, it’s a 37 foot 2 inch wall (making it the highest in all Major League Baseball parks) in left field that’s 310-315 feet away from home plate. If you’re a right handed hitter, it’s a massive target for you to aim at. It can block homeruns from happening, but you can get a “wallball double” if you get the ball to bounce off of it and away from the outfielder.

While the wall itself has been a part of Fenway Park since it’s opening in 1912, it wasn’t always the monster it is today. It originally was a wood wall covered in ads. As time went on, it was covered in concrete and tin and painted green. A scoreboard was built into the Green Monster and more recently, seats were added to the top of it.

Some neat quirks about the Green Monster include the famous ladder that hangs off of it (used to be used to retrieve balls from the netting. Since the netting is gone, it just hangs there for decoration) and Thomas and Jean Yawkey’s initials are in Morse Code under the American League scoreboard.

If you do a tour of Fenway Park, you’ll be able to visit the Green Monster and hear stories about how Thomas Yawkey built the wall higher so that people couldn’t watch games for free on the roofs of the buildings on Landsdowne Street. So make sure to visit the Green Monster on your next trip to Fenway Park.

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