Fenway Park: the Most Expensive Ballpark to Attend

fenway park

Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is America’s most iconic park for more reasons than one. First and foremost, it’s a historical landmark. The oldest baseball stadium in the nation, Fenway was constructed April 12, 1912 – the same day the Titanic went down. It’s also the most sought after, not only because Boston has a slew of winning teams, but also because of its history. Although that may be, it is, bar none, the most expensive to attend. You may want to think about taking out a loan if you really are considering fighting the odds and taking your family to a Sunday afternoon game.

According to an earlier study by Team Marketing report, 2011, Fenway Park takes the cake in terms of expenses. Numbers were based on taking a family of four ‘out to the ballgame’. On average, spending money on four adult tickets ($53.38 each), two small soft drinks, two small draft beers ($7.25 each), four regular size hot dogs ($4.50 each), parking for one car ($27.00), two game programs and two of the least expensive adjustable caps ($20.00 each ) is a grand total of slightly less than $339.00! Ouch! That’s a large hole in the wallet!

Beer on tap in general is not the cheapest to buy at any stadium, but statistics show draft beer at Fenway is considerably higher than any beer at any other stadium. At $0.60 an ounce it is by far the most expensive.

Popularity rules out all odds when it comes to attending a ballgame at Fenway Park. With three World Series victories in a decade, the Red Sox are, no doubt, a popular team across the board (and nation).  Everyone seems to want a piece of them up close and personal. Yes, you could invite friends over, grab a six pack of beer, and deck yourself out in Pedroia and Buchholz paraphernalia and watch the game from afar, I guess, but it won’t be the same as attending a live game. So my suggestion to you is if you want to save a little money, arrive early and down some beers at the nearest bar like Cask ‘n’ Flagon or Jerry Remy’s; dust off those old 1980’s Sox’ hats and don’t bother spending money on new ones; pay for standing only seats (that is if you don’t have kids. It may get a little rowdy in those parts), and take public transportation. The green line is moments away from all gates to the park. It’s doable. I will tell you from my experiences last season. I did all that was aforementioned (granted I went to many of the games by myself), it wasn’t more than $70.00!  I plan on doing exactly the same as this season draws near.

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