Few Complaints in Red Sox Nation, Yet Worry Still Alive

few complaints in Red Sox Nation

There may be few complaints in Red Sox Nation, but there are always questions. Things are going well, but not unlike the New England weather things can change quickly. How does the saying go? If you don’t like the weather, or in this case the Red Sox performance, wait a minute and hope that someone doesn’t hit a slump. Yes, I added that last part.  Others may remark, “Well at least it’s not snow,” when it rains. In Red Sox nation we say, “Well at least we are not the Cubs.”

I think fans want to believe there are reasons for the unexplained (cue the X-Files theme music). Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting again because of extra work he put in. The team dynamic changed because of recent roster changes made by Farrell. Red Sox pitchers have upped their game. We must find something to explain success or failure, or else it is floating around in the realm of “huh?”

The only things that are certain are the past and present moment. Everything else is completely out of our control (What’s that? The Mets beat the Yankees? OK now I’m genuinely concerned about a Zombie Apocalypse.)

few complaints in Red Sox Nation

In life, and in baseball, there are a lot of “huh” moments.  Fans prefer being baffled and winning, rather than baffled and losing. Sometimes there is no explanation for success or failure. Teams and teenagers go through phases. Thankfully this team is not pregnant, nor whining about their curfew.

They are doing their jobs right now: playing as a team and winning games.

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